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Enhance Your Salesforce Communication

Boost Communication, Increase Engagement, and Close More Deals with the Power of WhatsApp & Salesforce Collaboration. 


In today’s fast-paced world, customers crave convenient and immediate communication. That’s where WhatsApp, the messaging platform used by billions worldwide, steps in. And integrating it with your Salesforce CRM through Communicat-O unlocks a powerful combination for enhanced customer interaction and business growth. 


Salesforce WhatsApp integration allows businesses to use WhatsApp to send and receive messages, create chat bots, and track customer interactions. Not only can you send and receive messages directly within Salesforce, but you can also leverage Communicat-O to set up a fully functional WhatsApp digital store and connect with customers on a whole new level.  

Communicat-O empowers you to

Send and receive WhatsApp messages directly within your Salesforce interface

Eliminate switching between apps and streamline your communication flow

Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

Personalize messages with Salesforce data

Use dynamic fields to create targeted and relevant messages for each customer

Track conversations and performance metrics

Gain valuable insights into customer interactions and measure campaign effectiveness.

Automate workflows with triggers and actions

Send timely appointment reminders, order updates, and follow-ups, triggered by Salesforce events

Enjoy secure and compliant communication

Communicat-O adheres to strict data privacy regulations, ensuring peace of mind.

Benefits of using Communicat-O for WhatsApp & Salesforce Integration

Increased Customer Engagement

Reach customers on their preferred channel, WhatsApp, and receive faster responses, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Improved Conversion Rates

Personalized and timely communication through your WhatsApp digital store fosters better sales and support outcomes.

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Eliminate app switching and streamline communication processes, empowering your team to serve customers more efficiently.

Deeper Customer Insights

Gain valuable data from WhatsApp conversations to understand customer preferences and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adapt Communicat-O to your unique business needs with a wide range of features and functionalities.

Additionally, with Communicat-O, you can

Set up a fully functional WhatsApp digital store

Showcase your products, process orders, and manage payments directly within your WhatsApp chat.

Respond to customer inquiries in real-time

Provide personalized support and answer questions instantly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Offer targeted promotions and discounts

Send personalized offers and promotions to specific customer segments through WhatsApp, driving sales and engagement.

Build stronger customer relationships

Foster closer relationships with your customers through personalized communication on their preferred channel.

WhatsApp Business

Communicat-O Feature Overview:

Unified Platform for all Social Media Interaction

Juggling between multiple social media platforms can result in missed messages and unsatisfied customers. Communicat-O offers the ability to integrate all your social media interaction platforms into a single user interface. With a shared inbox, you can efficiently engage with all customer queries, ensuring no message goes unanswered.

Real-time In-depth Analytics

Understanding the performance of your social media campaigns is crucial for making informed decisions. Communicat-O provides real-time, in-depth analytics and effective KPIs, enabling you to quantify the impact of your marketing efforts and make proactive decisions swiftly.

Unified Platform for all SocThe Only Mobile-Ready Solutionial Media Interaction

Accessing your communication tools shouldn't be limited to desktops. Communicat-O ensures that all its features are easily accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to manage your interactions on the go. It enables you to send SMS from Salesforce and is the only mobile-ready, multi-channel social media-based Salesforce SMS marketing tool available.

Automated and Bulk Communication

Sending bulk messages across various platforms can be time-consuming and complex. Communicat-O simplifies this task with AI-powered pre-configured replies for common queries and the ability to send bulk messages to all customers with just one click, regardless of the platform they are connected on.

Assign Conversations

Some customer queries may require specific technical knowledge or intervention from a specialized team. Communicat-O enables you to assign conversations to other representatives, improving inter-team visibility and ensuring that expert representatives handle issues effectively, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shared Inbox / Multi-Chat window

Communicat-O offers more than just an inbox for personal messaging. Its multi-chat window feature allows you to access chats on the go, facilitating multitasking and seamless communication management across different channels.

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FAQs about Communicat-O and WhatsApp Integration with Salesforce

You’ll need a Salesforce account and a WhatsApp Business account. Communicat-O offers various plans to suit your needs. 

Communicat-O adheres to strict data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. They use secure encryption and access controls to protect your data. 

Yes, you can send personalized bulk messages using dynamic fields based on your Salesforce data. 

Yes, you can set up triggers and actions to automate tasks like sending appointment reminders, order updates, and follow-ups based on specific Salesforce events. 

Communicat-O provides detailed analytics, allowing you to track message delivery rates, open rates, response times, and other key metrics. 

Yes, they offer a free trial to experience the platform firsthand. You can also request a demo to see how it fits your specific needs.

They offer various support options, including email, phone, and online documentation.

Yes, Communicat-O integrates with other popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and Google Chat. 

Yes, Communicat-O offers a HIPAA-compliant plan for healthcare organizations. 

Yes, you can personalize greetings, welcome messages, and quick reply options to match your brand and communication style.

Yes, you can share images, documents, and other files directly within WhatsApp conversations using Communicat-O. This feature streamlines information exchange and enhances customer interactions. 


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