Discover Communicat-O: Multichannel Messaging App for Salesforce

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where time is of the essence, Communicat-O offers a one-stop solution for all your communication needs. It brings multiple social media platforms and messaging channels under one UI, thus streamlining your communication process and saving you precious time.

In this white paper, we will explore what Communicat-O is and the features it offers. We will also discuss the challenges various industries face and how Communicat-O can help solve them. Finally, we will talk about the benefits of using Communicat-O and how Manras, the parent company of Communicat-O, can help businesses achieve success.


Discover more in this Whitepaper, including:

  • What is Communicat-O?
  • Features of Communicat-O
  • Why should you use Communicat-O?
  • How Communicat-O Can Help Businesses Across Diffrent Domains?
  • How Can Manras Help You in Your Success


Check out our new whitepaper, ‘Things to know about Communicat-O A Multichannel Messaging App built for Salesforce’, to learn more about our solution.

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