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Enhance Your Salesforce Communication

Salesforce is renowned for revolutionizing customer relationship management (CRM), empowering businesses across sales, marketing, and service functions. Meanwhile, Google My Business serves as a pivotal tool, enabling local enterprises to enhance their online presence and attract nearby customers through Google Search and Maps.

Why Integrate Google My Business with Salesforce?

Google My Business (GMB) is a crucial tool for local businesses, helping them to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Integrating GMB with Salesforce using Communicat-O offers a unified approach to manage customer interactions, improve response times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Google My Business

Integrating Salesforce with Google My Business through Communicat-O offers strategic advantages:

Targeted Marketing

Harness CRM insights to craft localized marketing campaigns, ensuring messages resonate with the local audience.

Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly synchronize data between platforms, reducing manual tasks and maintaining data integrity.

Automation Capabilities

Automate actions based on real-time data, such as timely promotions or personalized responses, enhancing customer engagement.

Comprehensive Customer Insights

Consolidate data to gain a holistic view of customers, enabling personalized service delivery and tailored marketing strategies.

Communicat-O Feature Overview:

Unified Platform for all Social Media Interaction

Juggling between multiple social media platforms can result in missed messages and unsatisfied customers. Communicat-O offers the ability to integrate all your social media interaction platforms into a single user interface. With a shared inbox, you can efficiently engage with all customer queries, ensuring no message goes unanswered.

Real-time In-depth Analytics

Understanding the performance of your social media campaigns is crucial for making informed decisions. Communicat-O provides real-time, in-depth analytics and effective KPIs, enabling you to quantify the impact of your marketing efforts and make proactive decisions swiftly.

Unified Platform for all SocThe Only Mobile-Ready Solutionial Media Interaction

Accessing your communication tools shouldn't be limited to desktops. Communicat-O ensures that all its features are easily accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to manage your interactions on the go. It enables you to send SMS from Salesforce and is the only mobile-ready, multi-channel social media-based Salesforce SMS marketing tool available.

Automated and Bulk Communication

Sending bulk messages across various platforms can be time-consuming and complex. Communicat-O simplifies this task with AI-powered pre-configured replies for common queries and the ability to send bulk messages to all customers with just one click, regardless of the platform they are connected on.

Assign Conversations

Some customer queries may require specific technical knowledge or intervention from a specialized team. Communicat-O enables you to assign conversations to other representatives, improving inter-team visibility and ensuring that expert representatives handle issues effectively, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shared Inbox / Multi-Chat window

Communicat-O offers more than just an inbox for personal messaging. Its multi-chat window feature allows you to access chats on the go, facilitating multitasking and seamless communication management across different channels.

Why Choose Communicat-O?

Enhanced Productivity

Manage Google My Business reviews, customer interactions, and more within Salesforce, improving efficiency and team collaboration.

Improved Customer Engagement

Respond promptly and effectively, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Scalable Solutions

Grow confidently with a scalable platform that adapts to your business needs and supports future growth.

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FAQs about Communicat-O and Google My Business Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce integration with Google My Business through Communicat-O enables businesses to merge the power of CRM with local visibility tools. It allows seamless synchronization of customer data, enhancing marketing precision and operational efficiency.

Yes, Communicat-O supports integration with multiple messaging platforms and social media channels beyond Salesforce and Google My Business. Contact us to discuss your specific integration needs.

Setting up Communicat-O for integration is straightforward. Our team provides comprehensive support to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth setup and deployment tailored to your business requirements.

Yes, we offer a free trial so you can experience the benefits of Communicat-O’s Google My Business integration firsthand. Additionally, we provide demos upon request to help you understand how our solution can meet your specific needs.

To get started with Communicat-O and harness the benefits of Salesforce and Google My Business integration, contact our sales team today. We’ll help you understand how our solution can meet your business needs and optimize your customer engagement strategies.


The cost of integrating Salesforce with Google My Business using Communicat-O varies based on your specific requirements and the scale of implementation. Contact our sales team for a detailed quote tailored to your business needs.

Communicat-O adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and compliance. We ensure that all data handled by our platform is encrypted and managed according to global data protection regulations, safeguarding your business and customer information.


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