10 Amazing Salesforce Features, you Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Amazing Salesforce Features, you Shouldn't Ignore

Salesforce, the global CRM leader has a lot of features and functionalities to offer but there are some unique and cool features to look out for to make the best out of them in any company or an organisation.  

It is quite impossible to remember the name of Salesforce while remembering the name of the best CRM.

Before going to the features we should know:

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

There are “10 Distinctive Salesforce Features” to make your tasks easier

1. Dashboards – provides meaningful key information 

Salesforce.com is a huge database that contains the company’s critical day-to-day information. The Salesforce feature/tool “Dashboards” compiles the data into real-time essential business KPIs in visually appealing formats like charts, bar diagrams, pie charts, tables, funnel charts, leaderboards, graphs, and more.

Dashboards can measure everything a firm wants, such as sales numbers, leads, conversions, and so on. Here are a few critical business indicators to consider:

  • Opportunities that have met or hampered
  • New or existing opportunities
  • Win rates, top sales on sales rep leaderboards
  • Salesforce pipeline condition
  • Existing support issues with top accounts
  • Time took on an average by a sales rep to close a case
  • Cases which are prone to not hitting Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


2. Email Syncing – automatically logs emails to and from leads/contacts

The Salesforce email syncing function (one of the much-needed Salesforce inbox features) was used to ensure that every email exchange or thread stayed inside the CRM. Users can “sync” their emails with their CRM accounts without having to manually cut and paste information or conversation threads.

With the help of third-party solutions, this capability supports MS Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail.

Once the email sync plugin is installed:

  • A button will appear in the email client that will allow the email received on the outlook or Gmail to be sent or pushed to the Salesforce CRM. 
  • Or can work by simply sending an outbound email and keeping the copy in Salesforce.


3. Chatter – an instant messaging system

There are various messaging systems that are easily & cheaply available for business & teams to collaborate, but the only downside with such systems is they operate outside the company’s CRM and are not surely secured.

Salesforce Chatter is an instant messenger system that works like your social media platforms (with features of file attachment, “@ & # use”, threaded conversations) like Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s how you can use Chatter:

  • For an opportunity or case, seamless collaboration and planning amongst users, huddle-ups, and virtual meetings are required.
  • Carry on the dialogue over CRM by email or other messengers.
  • Large files may be shared fast and effortlessly.
  • Any information should be released or published as soon as possible.
  • It’s simple to keep track of users and records without having to ask subordinates for updates.


4. Salesforce Touch – Updates information from anywhere

Salesforce touch (touch.Salesforce.com), an extended version of Salesforce desktop is an interface made in HTML-made to let businesses have access to information or records anywhere outside the desk.

Users can utilise this functionality to:

  • Update records in real-time, even when you’re not at your workplace, using palm-top devices like phones or tablets.
  • Before visiting a client’s workplace, sales professionals can check their phones for any open support cases.
  • After the meeting, reps can update their opportunities or access a dashboard from anywhere outside the office.


5. Workflows – the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task

With this feature, the user can set an action for fulfilling automatically, when a certain condition (as decided) is duly met.

For instance – a workflow rule could be made to alert management when a possibility of winning an opportunity reaches a certain value (as decided).


6. Lightning Builder – Build Your Own App, Without a Single Line of Code.

Lightning application builder from Salesforce ensures that your business doesn’t halt because of code.

The Salesforce Lightning app builder helps you build an app in a jiffy, with some quick taps here and some easy steps there. While a little UX/UI knowledge might come in handy to ascertain the visual look & feel of your application, the entire process is pretty much streamlined.


7. Advanced Currency Management & Multiple Currencies

For any organisations dealing with customers in different currencies, the Salesforce Multiple Currencies feature is a must. Advanced Currency Management takes it a step further.

Multiple Currencies and Advanced Currency Management are two different features that are often used together for effective currency management.

  • Multiple Currencies: the ability to use multiple currencies in opportunities, forecasts, quotes, reports, and other data. Assign users different default currencies, and also change records to a certain currency.
  • Advanced Currency Management: manage dated exchange rates within Salesforce opportunities, allowing you to map a conversion rate to a specific date range. This means that if an Opportunity is ‘closed won’ in January, the opportunity amount, when converted to any currency, will be fixed for that date and won’t change in the future, regardless of any currency fluctuations.


8. Email Templates – Create your Brand Email Template

With this Salesforce feature, businesses can use pre-scripted email templates with a business logo on it, and send them to multiple customers, without having to compose each message manually


9. Marketing Cloud – customised marketing solution

Salesforce offers highly automated (Artificial intelligence-enabled) and customised email marketing solutions with its marketing cloud feature to help businesses find/explore:

  • The new market segments
  • Customers who are likely to interact with their products


10. Salesforce Steelbrick – feature that allows high-growth Salesforce clients

Steelbrick is a Salesforce key feature that allows high-growth Salesforce clients to easily manage CPQ – Configure-Price-Quote – apps.

Users may effortlessly create real & professional-looking sales quotes with CPQ software/app without any errors, inefficiencies, or setbacks.

CPQ lets Sales organisations:

  • Get more Sales faster
  • Helps Sales rep in doing their jobs more efficiently
  • Bypass the roadblocks or any type of error during contracts, quotes, opportunities
  • Create more accurate proposals & quotes
  • Close more deals and turn towards more productivity


All the above features help you to grow your business. 

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