10 Amazing Salesforce Features, you Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Amazing Salesforce Features, you Shouldn't Ignore

Salesforce, the global CRM leader has a lot of features and functionalities to offer but there are some unique and cool features to look out for to make the best out of them in any company or an organisation. It is quite impossible to remember the name of Salesforce while remembering the name of the […]

SMS Messages Can Help You Build Customer Loyalty

SMS Messages with communicat-o

Most marketers, brand managers, and business owners prioritise generating new leads. A modest 5% improvement in client retention may lead to a 75% boost in business profitability, while acquiring new customers is three times more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. Many businesses struggle to choose the best communication channel and messaging to […]

Automation of admission process via Salesforce

Automation of admission process via Salesforce

Recruiting and admissions have long been a hot topic in higher education since it is a major source of revenue. Concerns regarding enrollment decreases were expressed by 88 percent of college officials. More than ever, colleges are wondering how they may gain a competitive advantage throughout the vital step of converting a prospect from an […]