Automation of admission process via Salesforce

Automation of admission process via Salesforce

Recruiting and admissions have long been a hot topic in higher education since it is a major source of revenue. Concerns regarding enrollment decreases were expressed by 88 percent of college officials. More than ever, colleges are wondering how they may gain a competitive advantage throughout the vital step of converting a prospect from an application to an enrolled student. 

These days, prospective students want quick, convenient replies from institutions, just as they have grown used to in the rest of their digital lives. Education institutions frequently need the solution of a custom-tailored admission that integrates operations into Salesforce. 

Automation and AI are being used by university recruiting and admissions teams to help them optimise operations and create slicker, smarter experiences at scale. You don’t need to manually enter data from the Application form for Admission to the institutions into Salesforce; instead, let AI do it for you. Manually transferring data is slow, expensive, and error-prone. Above all, they waste valuable staff talent.

Communicat-O’s unique and smartly designed bots scan the Application form to provide rapid data gathering and increased accuracy with repeated use. With Communicat-O, you can transform your workforce into a driver of efficiency and development.


Using email to manage potential student inquiries might make life much simpler for them and your recruiting and admissions team by providing other platform channels. Text messaging is today’s generation’s most preferred form of communication. 

With Communicat-O’s bot, you can easily automate the enquires and admission process. Its bots are designed in the most human-friendly way possible. From recruiting to admission, it can assist you in nurturing your relationship with prospective students. It has been designed to simplify and automate common functionality while providing your team with the information needed to make data-driven choices.

Integration of Communicat-O with your Salesforce CRM will also give potential students access to a single, mobile-optimized portal where they can apply, track, upload application requirements, pay their enrollment deposit, and register for orientation.


Want to accelerate responses to queries and provide round-the-clock support to your prospective students? If your answer is yes, Add chatbots. 

When interacting with potential students via live chat, social media, SMS, and voice, these software applications that mimic interactive human dialogue can serve as an excellent initial point of service for recruiting and admissions. And thanks to your Salesforce CRM, a bot can now be created once and swiftly deployed across various channels.

Communicat-O’s chatbots are human-friendly, and in addition to answering simple queries, they will seamlessly transfer the enquiry to your admission staff when it requires human help. 

Benefits of Automation

Minimise manual labour

Manual data processing is inefficient and prone to mistakes. When the administrative team enters the data from the paper-based admission forms into excel sheets, they are more likely to make mistakes. Since the data submitted may be incorrect owing to inadequate information, unreadable handwriting, and other factors.

With the help of Communicat-O, students can apply for admissions through an online application form, and then you don’t need to transfer data into your system. Once you receive the form, its bots will automatically feed the information to your system. As a result, you save a significant time that would otherwise be spent on this repetitious process.

Collect fees online from students

The most important aspect of the admissions process is fee collection. With the use of mobile wallets, UPI, credit or debit card payments made online, and other methods, educational institutions may collect tuition fees from their students. 

If some students cannot pay the fees at once, you can also collect fees in installments. Communicat-O can help you by sending automatic reminders to the students who have opted for partial payments when the payment is due. In summary, all fees can be paid directly by students or their parents without visiting the institution’s campus.

Single platform for student data

Staff at educational institutions are already working hard to simplify admission procedures. Most institutions are gathering data in various paper-based forms, and some are trying a somewhat better alternative, which involves inputting student data into excel spreadsheets. As the number of registered students grows, handling student data on a single excel sheet becomes challenging.

Communicat-O provides a comprehensive view of data created throughout the admission process for various programmes or courses. Your institution’s data is stored in a single, redundant place. Furthermore, a single dashboard allows you to manage student data from many campuses.


Communicat-O provides you necessary features to automate the admissions and enrollment process. The implementation of an AI-powered service platform can have a significant influence on key recruiting and admissions KPIs. It reduces the time needed to complete the admission life cycle from weeks to a few days.

Finally, recruiting and admissions departments save time, provide better service to more potential students, and successfully engage the talents they seek.

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