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The financial sector needs to accelerate digital transformation

Financial services, which include wealth management, banking, and insurance, dominate the global economy. A shift to digital transformation is required to fully utilise the capabilities of the rapidly evolving financial services industry. 


Conventional banking, wealth management, and insurance services do not adequately define customer financial goals. A few difficulties include the advisors’ lack of access to client information, the high operating expenses of financial services, the limited interaction between advisors and clients, which obstruct lead creation and customer acquisition, and weak customer interaction that lowers advisor productivity. To address this, the banking industry must accelerate its digital transformation.


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

It might be more challenging to locate a solution that meets all the requirements of the Financial Services industry’s demands for a CRM system than for other sectors. Salesforce has created the ultimate bespoke solution to satisfy the particular needs of this industry: the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.


Salesforce CRM increases ROI for the financial business by automating repetitive operations, attracting suitable clients, and coordinating the sales and marketing teams. Large volumes of client data are routinely recorded and analysed to match customer needs and accomplish financial goals. 


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a CRM platform that fosters meaningful long-term partnerships. Your team will be more productive, transparent, and able to go above and beyond your client’s expectations thanks to various new features of Salesforce CRM. Maintaining transparent, personalised, and consistent communication is the first step toward ensuring a long-term customer relationship. Sending text messages is the convenient, fastest, and most reliable method of communication and is also preferred by clients.


Text messaging for Financial Sector

As we all know, texting is the new normal for connecting with people. SMS has a 98 per cent open rate and is more readily accessed than other digital or conventional communication channels. Communicat-O’s functionality in Salesforce allows you to communicate with clients at home, away, or overseas. Mobile texting is one of the most effective ways to add value to client relationships.


You can easily send texts to your clients to their preferred messaging platform to foster a good relationship with them. Communicat-O is the only mobile-ready solution for your Salesforce CRM that integrates all the messages from all the messaging platforms into one unified inbox. And you may need to be present on all the messaging platforms just to connect with your clients; with Communicat-O, you can also send messages to every platform just from one stop. 


Even though sending messages to your clients might increase interaction, individually sending each message can be quite time-consuming. This is why you need message templates to facilitate process acceleration and reduce manual labour. Communicat-O has pre-configured texting templates, which you can customise according to your preference.

Let’s look at the top financial services message templates so you can send more messages in less time.


Welcome Message Template

When customers join your subscriber list, give them a quick welcome message to know they’ve successfully joined. This is the first step toward building a relationship with clients.


Hi ……., welcome to ABC banking services. You will now receive updates via text messages. To log into your account, click.



Alerts Message Template

If you want to inform your customers about certain matters that require their attention, you can send them alerts on their mobile phones. A template that you can use:


Dear customer, we have detected unusual activity in your account. If you initiated it, no action is required. If not, please call 12345.”


Promotions Message Template

To get your customers’ attention, send promotional messages using text messaging. Over 82% of people open every text message they receive and sending them regular promotion messages- not more than twice a month- is a great way to remain engaged with clients.


Dear customer, your 100 reward points have been added to your account for your last transaction. Click URL to redeem those.”


Payment Message Template

Send your customers a brief message to let them know their payments were received when they made a successful transaction. It is also a great way to provide a sense of security to your clients.


Dear customer, your account has been debited with ₹10,000 and account XYZ has been credited with ₹10,000. Your account balance is ₹32000.”


OTP Message Template

OTP is a one-time password sent by all banks to make their customer’s minds at ease whenever they make transactions. 


“Dear customer, for your online transaction ₹1200 on card ending XXX, Use OTP 12345. This will be valid for the next 5 mins.”


Send Financial service messages using Communicat-O


To make your task easy, Communicat-O not only have pre-configured texting templates, but it also has AI-powered intelligent bots that can send messages automatically according to your commands. Thus, reducing manual labour as well.


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