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Communicat-O is a multi-channel messaging tool for your Salesforce CRM that integrates all content (messages, comments, support requests, chat, etc.) across multiple text messaging and social media platforms in one unified platform. Communicat-O, through SMS and other texting interaction platforms, aids businesses and organisations reach their target audience efficiently and effectively. 

Quite possibly, the main benefit that an organisation can have while recruiting is how they successfully oversee and communicate with their talent pool. SMS provides recruiters and candidates with a platform for fast and direct communication. It aids in speeding up the recruitment process and helps the candidate feel more prepared and comfortable. Communicate-O’s clients have seen magnificent outcomes utilizing SMS to bring in more applications, build relationships with candidates, and close best-in-class talent.

Why do Communicat-O’s clients use SMS for recruiting? Here’s why:

Promotional messages to potential candidates

We all know people prefer SMS to communicate over other forms of communication, and recruiting new talent is not easy, particularly while getting responses from candidates. Only 20% of emails from recruiters are opened and read by the candidates, while the SMS response rate is around 70%. 

With Communicat-O, you can send out messages in bulk to a larger pool of candidates. And its AI-powered bots can also automate the SMS sending process. Automation will help you to engage better with the potential candidates. Once you have sent out the SMS regarding recruitment, it becomes vital to have a one-on-one conversation with the candidates who reply or with whom you want to carry forward—Communicat-O fosters one-on-one conversations between candidates and the recruiter via SMS.

Provides a single platform

Communicat-O integrates all the messages sent over all the social media platforms into one unified inbox. If you have all the queries or recruitment requests in one unified inbox, it makes your task easier to connect with the candidates suited for the job. It aids you in efficiently managing the recruitment process and creating your candidate journey.

You can distinguish your agency as a powerful brand and get in touch with the candidates in an impactful and personal way. Recruiting with the help of Communicat-O and Salesforce can make recruiters work better, faster and smarter.

Customised communication for individual candidates

One of the most significant advantages of using Salesforce CRM for the recruitment process is the ability to customise your messages according to different stages of the candidate hiring process. Using Communicat-O, you can begin sending messages as soon as the candidate’s status changes in your system. Its bots will automatically start sending messages according to your command. 

By incorporating such automated messages throughout your recruitment cycle, you can stay engaged with your candidates without requiring your team to keep up with each candidate personally. At the start, setting up this automation might need a little more effort but once set up, this will ensure that you can connect with the candidates consistently and on a personal level in all the touchpoints of your hiring process.

Improves the candidate’s experience

Imagine how frustrating it would be for the candidates to deal with three or four software during the hiring process, making them more stressed about the hiring. But instead of three or four, if you use only one software, they will likely be much less stressed or frustrated. 

How many of the integrated software has a mobile component? Not many. But if your Salesforce CRM has a mobile component, your candidates will be pleased. Integrating Communicat-O with your CRM gives you the advantage of having a mobile component. If the candidate is applying from their mobile, you too can use it to accept it on the other hand. 

Automated reference and background checks

We all know how critical it is for every organisation to hire responsible and trustworthy employees. By automating reference and background checks with Communicat-O, you can save time and make the recruitment process more convenient for candidates and their references. 

For reference check, candidates provide the contact information of their references, and once they are in your system, surveys get sent out automatically. Saving you a lot of time; otherwise, you would have to spend time scheduling and making calls. This ensures that the applicant screening process is completed accurately and on time, reduces errors, and ensures that each new hire is thoroughly vetted before you extend them an offer.

Recruit More Effectively with Communicat-O

Recruitment is not an easy process if you or your client want to hire more freshers, seniors or even volunteers. With SMS, Communicat-O’s clients have experienced great success in increasing application volume, improving candidate relations, and securing top-tier talent. In other words, Communicat-O enables you to leverage the full potential of the world’s #1 CRM – Salesforce. 

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