6 Ways real estate teams can boost business with Salesforce

6 Ways real estate teams can boost business with Salesforce

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the global economic structure. We all are witnessing the liquidity crunch around us, which resulted in industries struggling to boom as they were before the start of the pandemic. The real estate industry, which was growing tremendously, is now seeing a slumped growth. Demand for residential and commercial properties has started declining, and so have the sales of real estate businesses.

As the problems arise, so does the need for the solution; few industries have found the answer and have adapted to the new way of doing business digitally. Salesforce CRM has emerged as the most profound solution which is resilient, versatile, and efficient. It helps the companies track their customers, manage the minuscule information, and many other ways.

Salesforce CRM is straightforward to use and can be customized according to different business processes. It can collect and organize massive user data into one destination. No matter how huge, the entire dataset can be displayed as one record, making it easy for the user to analyze the data and make decisions accordingly in a hassle-free manner.

Now, let’s at look at how can Salesforce CRM can assist the real estate sector in transforming its business?

Salesforce has become a hit when it comes to cloud-based software. Real estate is seeing a change in how they go about customer relationship management which defines their sales function.

One of the significant problems that real estate faces are handling all the clients and multiple market listings all at once. All the businesses used to maintain many paper files to store every client’s details. Maintaining this much paperwork has become quite a challenge for the companies. Here, Salesforce CRM comes in handy, which eradicates all these challenges. Integrating Communicat-O, a third party app for Salesforce CRM, with your system is the most effective solution to manage sales and marketing data.

Ways by which you can boost your business with Salesforce

1.) Automate marketing: –

Due to the prevailing Covid-19 conditions, it has become troublesome for real estate agents to travel from one place to another to grab leads. Digital Marketing seems to be the only solution at the moment. Salesforce helps you with automating your marketing campaigns. Your marketing campaigns running across all the different platforms can be automated, saving you a lot of time and resources and assisting you in increasing your reach. AI-powered intelligent bots of Communicat-O makes your task of automating a lot easier.


2.) Better analytics: –

If data is not vast, it is easier to record and analyze data using pen and paper, but it is not suitable for your real estate business which runs on high client and market data. To eradicate this problem, Salesforce offers in-built analytics by which you can choose the correct data across millions of data checkpoints to create the right customer profile. Once you know your customer’s needs, you can offer them suitable properties that are of their liking, which helps you increase your sales revenue.


3.) Easier communication: –

With the emergence of multiple communication channels, the need has arisen to provide the proper communication at the right time to the right customers. Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and many more are used by customers to communicate. Salesforce can unify all sorts of these communications into a single point which helps you and your customers stay on the same page, and this also assures that no chats are missed. Salesforce has in-built texting templates that you can personalize to best suit your customer needs. Personalized communication helps your customer feel more valued and vital, increasing customer loyalty.


4.) Streamlining tasks: –

In the real estate business, you have to arrange the same information again and again for each new or potential lead. Salesforce CRM can immediately retrieve all the relevant files and documents whenever needed. With the support of Salesforce CRM, you can fill in all the information and make custom reports dynamically, offering you to save a lot of time and resources based on data management. This time you can use it to innovate and provide better service to your customers.       


5.) Develop Customer Relationships: –

Salesforce offers you to store all your customer information, giving you a chance to better understand and respond to your customers. This aids in enhancing your customer experience while doing business with you and helps you cater to your customer’s needs, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty to your organization. Salesforce helps take customer engagement to a whole new level through its many features and services. Communicat-O is considered to be one of the best apps for businesses when it comes to developing a meaningful relationship with customers.


6.) Boost agent’s output: –

Having access to client data stored in a single dashboard lets your employees acquire the relevant data from anywhere, which aids the representatives in making crucial business decisions at the right time. In Salesforce CRM, a single dashboard provides a detailed view of all the essential data to review clients’ information and create schedules for the site inspection accordingly, boosting your agent’s output.

Many organizations have started using Communicat-O a tool for Salesforce CRM which helps the organization with its features like combining all the messages from all the social media platform into one unified inbox, custom fields, data analytics, personalized texting templates, audience segmentation and streamlining of tasks to make organizations tasks effective and efficient.

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