5 Reasons Why Communicat-O is the Best Multichannel Tool for Salesforce CRM

Best multichannel tool with Salesforce CRM

Communicat-O is a multi-channel messaging tool for your Salesforce CRM that integrates all content (messages, comments, support requests, chat, etc.) across multiple text messaging and social media platforms in one unified platform. Powered by a shared inbox, teams engage with customers, partners, and contractors hassle-free and efficiently. Multiple employees no longer need to manage communication or track different public-facing profiles. This is a big boon for marketers, Salesforce CRM executives, and service executives who need to keep track of multiple profiles, platforms, and chat tools.

These 5 Reasons You Should Know Why Communicate-O Is Better Than Other Multichannel messaging Tools


    • Best Salesforce Texting App – Communicat-O is the Best Salesforce Texting App for US and UK Market. This tool is the best tool for Salesforce SMS Integration and is the best Alternative for SMS Magic and 360 SMS.
    • Salesforce Social Media Messaging – Communicat-O is a Salesforce Social Media Messaging tool designed to be used on Desktops and Mobile phones. Your agents can now chat with their leads or clients in one unified place connected with all communication channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Intercom, etc.
    • Best SMS App for Salesforce – Communicat-O is the best SMS app used by Salesforce users exclusively for the US, UK and Canada market. With the most advanced Salesforce texting features, the Communicate-O app has long been gaining a lot of respect based on easy accessibility, ease of use, and versatility. The Communicate-O App, the “Top-Rank Salesforce Messaging App” is geared towards marketing your products and services, enabling you to reach as many customers as possible in a fast, easy and effective way.
    • Salesforce SMS Integration – Communicate-O is a salesforce based tool which is best for salesforce sms integration and best alternative to sms magic and 360 sms. Communicat-O Extend the reach of your customers and see your business like never before with short and clear informative messages instead of long descriptive emails.
    • Texting App for Salesforce – Communicate-O is an intuitive design implemented in Salesforce. This texting app for Salesforce has message templates and texting history.


You may like to see all features which Communicat-O offers to it users. Visit Communicat-O solutions page for to see what wonders it can create for your business.

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