Automating student applications with multichannel messaging

Automating student applications

Education institutions want top students from schools to take admission in their colleges, and this goes the same for the students, as they wish to get admitted only in the best-ranked colleges. There is a vast competition when we speak about recruiting students as every college wishes the same as you do. After the pandemic, everything has gone digital, from scouting for colleges to receiving education. Salesforce SMS marketing will help colleges win over their competitions. A recent study has shown that 77% of students want to receive relevant information from colleges or universities via text.

Salesforce in-app messaging, colleges or universities can grasp and retain the students’ attention on their curriculum, schedules, and other opportunities they provide to better their future.

One of the biggest challenges that university recruiters face is getting the attention of potential students to the information they send and further to lure them and help them further with the registration process. Registration is on the lengthier side of the scale, and students’ attention span is so short that they lose interest midway through the registration process. They are making it harder for themselves and the administrative staff, leaving the registration process hanging on a cliff. Salesforce in-app messaging gives an advantage to the institutions; the younger generation of digital natives uses text messaging as the primary communication source. 

Institutions infusing Salesforce SMS messaging app- Communicat-O in their registration process makes it a lot easier for the potential students to receive relevant and vital information about the colleges, their course structure, fee structure, faculty, etc. It also makes the registration process effortless for students and administrative staff. Communicat-O is one such tool that is being used vastly for Salesforce in-app messaging.The use of Communicat-O for text messaging can make student registration and enrollment trouble-free. One mobile-ready solution that integrates all the messages from all-around social media Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s, SMS, and many more under one platform. This vast array of channels supported guarantees that no incoming interaction is ever missed.


Students and text messaging: How can we use Salesforce SMS marketing to boost the recruitment and onboarding process?


Colleges use conversational text messaging to share necessary information about their programs and curriculum, send invitations to students for a campus visit, real-time problem solving, etc. They also use it to make the student registration process less time-consuming and trouble-free.

Inquiries regarding which information to fill and what documents to attach can be immediately solved just by receiving and sending the solutions via text. Students resist or avoid writing a formal email for the complications they face while accessing or filling out the online registration form. As today’s younger generation of digital natives don’t have the patience to solve the problems that they are facing, they all want an instant solution. They all are active on almost all social media platforms, and they wish to send a text message or an SMS from the social media they are most comfortable with. Using the Salesforce marketing tool Communicat-O, which integrates all the messages received from social media under one platform like a commonly shared inbox, makes it very easy for the administrative staff to respond to almost all the queries they receive. Thus, reducing the chances of missing questions from the students.

Via text messaging, colleges can send personalized text messages to potential students, guiding them through every step involved in the registration process. The main problem that the students face is how to access the relevant web pages; college recruitment staff can help out here via text conversation, helping them out on how and where to access it. This continuous flow of communication will be a significant factor in converting potential leads. Thus, increasing the recruitment rate for the colleges. 

 When it comes to enrolling in a college, it is a tedious task, and students have to go to different offices, in a university so big, having no knowns around, they tend to get perplexed on where to visit and whom to meet. Having a real-time problem-solving department via text messaging can make enrolling a much easier task. If you are stuck somewhere, type a query from any social media, send it to the department concerned, and through Salesforce in-app messaging, you will get a quick response on how to proceed further. Just type a text regarding the faculties of the college, an intelligent feature of Communicat-O which lets users assign the conversation to the person of concern, your conversation will be given to the faculty itself, and now without being passed here and there asking around for the faculties office you can directly contact them. This makes your onboarding process fast and seamless.

 The major problem when students enroll in colleges is that they are not very aware of the documents they need to carry with them. Sending them a properly formed text message in the form of a checklist, which also can be chosen from the various templates available in the Salesforce CRM, will assist them in carrying the proper documents needed for the admission purpose. 

Doubts on fee structure, scholarship program, education financing can also be resolved using text messaging. Colleges can use Communicat-O to send payment links for fees via text messaging, and now students are just a click away from submitting their fees. They can also use text messaging to send payment reminders, fee submission due dates, and also for documents or other things that are yet to be received from their end. Salesforce SMS integration can be a game-changer in modernizing the student recruitment process as today’s youth is more inclined towards using social media and doing things online. So, their inclination towards social media and the web can be used to get them into their dream colleges in a hassle-accessible manner.

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