Benefits of using Text messaging in real estate

Benefits of using Text messaging in real estate

The digital landscape has changed the way companies do business, and it is no exception for real estate. If you think a real estate agent’s work is to sell properties, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is no secret that establishing a relationship with your customers is paramount to the business’s success.

In real estate, agents need to establish close relationships with buyers and sellers. They sometimes become a negotiator for their clients and tour guides for those unfamiliar with the locality; moreover, they need to be excellent marketers.

How does Real Estate Text Message Marketing work?

In this dynamic and competitive world, you need to make extra efforts for the sales to happen, which means taking advantage of every channel available. We live in the internet era, and people are accustomed to emails and online advertising, which they often tend to ignore.

Salesforce SMS marketing is one of the easiest and the fastest ways available to reach your customers as there are more than 3 billion smartphone users globally, which are expected to increase year on year. A survey shows that almost 95% of texts are read within five minutes of receiving them. This email opening rate stands at just 28% because people are bombarded with irrelevant information.

Technology has advanced so much that you don’t need to manually craft and sends SMS to your clients individually, which was a time and energy-consuming process. With Communicat-O’s AI-powered intelligent bots, you can schedule messages that will get automatically at a certain point in time. Many real estate companies have started integrating Salesforce CRM into their system to benefit from SMS marketing.

What are the benefits of text messaging in Real Estate?

1.) High open rate:

Today, people are more comfortable communicating via text. It is the easiest way to connect with people from anywhere around the world. This is why the open rate of text messages is higher than in emails. The open rate for texts is an astonishing 95% compared to emails at 28%. A high open rate indicates better chances of connecting with your clients. This way, you can easily convey important messages to your clients at the right time about price drops or new property opening up in the locality.


2.) Consumers wants to receive SMS:

Almost everyone is carrying a smartphone nowadays, if not a smartphone, then a regular phone. Consumers can receive SMS irrespective of the phone they have. If you worry about annoying your clients by sending them SMS notifications, then don’t; they are more likely to opt for SMS notifications than any other sort of communication. Data shows that this number is as high as 86% in the US and 82%, and 77% in Europe and Asia.


3.) Personalization:

Who doesn’t want to feel valued and more important? No one, this is what will set you apart from your competitors; if your clients feel valued, they will better associate themselves with your brand, increasing their loyalty. With a touch of personalization in your text messages, you can quickly get the attention of your clients. Including names and structuring your message according to your client’s preferences can do wonders for your real estate business. Communicat-O has highly personalized pre-configured texting templates which you can use to convey imperative information to your clients.


4.) Status updates:

Imagine your client has placed an offer on a property they liked and submitted all the necessary documents required to buy a property for legal purposes. They would like to know the status of their offer, whether the seller has accepted it, or if they are open to further negotiations on the proposal. Sending updated messages on their offer will keep them up to date, which they will appreciate. And if you also keep them informed about their document verification status, they will feel more confident and comfortable that their application is being closely monitored.


5.) Win more deals:

It is generally seen that real estate businesses that respond faster tend to win more deals than their competitors. Emails are the most common means of communication for businesses, but now they are getting ignored because people receive so many emails daily that many don’t get read. SMS allows you to respond faster to your clients’ queries, and it is the preferred way to connect and build relationships.



For real estate, agent communication is the key to success. Fortunately, there are so many channels available that they can use to reach, engage and keep their clients informed. With the help of the Salesforce tool Communicat-O, you can keep track of all the messages received from all the social media platforms, ensuring no messages are missed. Hence, giving you a chance to respond faster to your clients.

Consumers have shifted from emails and phone calls to text messaging. Integrating text messaging with your system is the right approach to connect with your customers, respond to their queries, and keep them up to date about their purchase or selling journey.

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