Text message marketing for real estate: Ideas and templates

Text message marketing for real estate: Ideas and templates

You can find almost everyone texting these days. Business professionals have found a way to use texting to their absolute advantage in connecting with their customers, sharing relevant information, solving customer queries, making them feel valuable, etc. One of the reasons that texts are more effective than other channels is that people have grown to communicate via texts and ignore emails that flood their inboxes with irrelevant information.

The marketing landscape for the organizations underwent a significant change since the internet era arrived, and so does for the real estate industry. It has become more accessible for real estate businesses to connect with their clients, record their data in an organized manner, publish their blog content, problems solving in real-time, and engage with their audience on social media.

If you want to beat your competitors in the real estate business, timing is of utmost importance. With the help of SMS marketing, you can convert your leads into actual buyers and sellers faster than your competitors if you are struggling to find the right approach to connect with your clients. You can take the help of the below-texting ideas or templates for the real estate business.

How can you make texting templates work for your business?

  •   Your leads are busy; they don’t have enough time to read lengthy emails. Just get to the point, and state the reason for your message right away. It will help you achieve higher engagement and conversion rates.
  •   Interactive and highly personalized messages make your news more appealing to the audience—the structure of your message in a way that makes them guess what they should do.
  •   Give a human touch to your messages so the audience feels that this is not some ordinary, automatically generated message. If your conversation is friendly without losing the touch of professionalism, your leads are more likely to reply.
  •   Offering immediate solutions to your clients is one way to have their loyalty toward your brand. Including personal information like their names, birthdays, etc., is another way to increase their loyalty.  

With the help of the Salesforce CRM tool Communicat-O, you can take advantage of all the pre-configured texting templates that can be customized according to your needs. These templates are personalized with the feature of custom fields; they can automatically fill all your clients’ details, saving you a lot of time, and are not structured in a way that sounds more like a computer than a human. Communicat-O’s texting templates are designed to be interactive and engaging.

Below are some templates that you can use to save time and impress your clients:

1.) New sign-up template

As soon as your client subscribes for text updates, ask them for basic information and find out how you can assist them. Requesting information from the get-go can help you effectively segment your audience.

Hi (client’s name), thank you for signing up for text updates from (organization’s name). Are you looking to buy or sell?


2.) Request specific details template

Once you have connected with your potential client, ask for specific information which will help you to send them relevant listings. Share links to the listing and your website where they can look for more properties.

Hi (client’s name), we’ve some exciting listings open for you to visit. What are the places you are interested in?


3.) Follow up after visit template

Schedule a follow-up with all the clients who visited your available properties. Ask them whether they want to see more properties or do they have any questions regarding the property visited by them.

Hi (client’s name), thanks for joining us at (XYZ). Please let us know if you have any questions about the property visited? If you want to see more properties, let me know I will schedule an appointment.


4.) Price alert template

Your clients love nothing but a price drop in the property that previously was out of his budget. If there is a price drop in any property, immediately share this information with your client.

Hi (client’s name), the price of the home you visited earlier has dropped from $150,000 to $120,000. Would you like to place an offer?


5.) Alternate home suggestion template

If somehow the deal falls through because of budget constraints or locality issues, use texts to send links to similar properties in the area.

Hi (client’s name), we have a few homes similar to the previous listing you were looking at and are in the same locality you want to move to. Please let us know if you want to visit or just open the link.


6.) Congratulations template

These are the eye-pleasing texts that your clients are waiting to receive. When you have the good news, don’t wait to tell them.

Hi (client’s name), we are glad to tell you that the home inspector didn’t find any issue and the seller has accepted your offer. Congratulations!


Final remarks

Personalized text messages make your clients feel more valued when they are doing business with you, increasing their loyalty. Incorporating Communicat-O with your customer support makes your task a lot easier. It has all these texting templates, pre-configured, which you can customize according to your clients’ needs.

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