4 advantages of bulk SMS messaging via Salesforce

4 advantages of bulk SMS messaging via Salesforce

In today’s era, messaging has become a more effective and reliable source of communication for everyone. Text messaging has become new common for gen Z, who will be the primary source of revenue for businesses in the coming years.

More than 3 billion smartphone users globally are predicted to grow year on year. SMS marketing has enormous potential, which businesses can tap into to drive their sales upwards.

Many organizations opt for bulk messaging as the fastest and the most efficient way to reach their audience. Figures show that nearly everyone has a cellphone, “3 billion smartphone users”, making communicating with brands via text messaging much more accessible.

Bulk messaging is one of the most convenient ways to capture your audience’s attention. People now don’t open their emails as they are getting bombarded with irrelevant information; emails are not fulfilling their purpose of grabbing customers’ attention. They have become obsolete. People may not be on their emails, but many are inseparable from their mobile phones. So why shouldn’t you invest your time and money in SMS messaging? Here are the top benefits of bulk SMS messaging via Salesforce, which will help you decide.


1.)    High conversion rates: –

Studies show that more than 95% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. The open rate for SMS is much higher than that of email, 95% to 20%. Everyone who reads your text will not respond, but the chances of a customer responding to your marketing are higher if they have seen your messages than if they haven’t.


Communicat-O, an SMS marketing tool for Salesforce CRM, can help you have strong conversion rates you can see with your bulk SMS. Communicat-O can store all your customer data and have in-built analytics and texting templates that assist you in better optimizing your SMS marketing campaigns. Here are some statistics which show you can have a better conversion rate for bulk SMS:

  •   SMS has six to eight times higher engagement than emails.
  •   SMS verification rates are 200% higher than email verification.
  •   SMS marketing campaigns perform seven times better than email marketing campaigns.


2.)    Personalization: –

 The outdated strategy of blasting generic ad messages is not doing the work anymore; people are getting annoyed by the brands using this strategy. Text marketing makes it easy for the brands to personalize your text messages despite being sent in bulk.


With Communicat-O’s features like data collection and custom fields, you can automatically insert personalized information into messages with just one click. You can add your customers’ names, add their preferences based on their previous purchase behavior, and can send highly personalized messages with discount offers for your customers on their birthdays without much effort or cost. Additionally, tools like audience segmentation help you separate your customers based on their likes and preferences; in turn, you can easily sort your audience out and can personalize your SMS marketing campaign accordingly.


People feel more valued and easily associate with your brands if you send them personalized messages. It will also differentiate you from competitors who are still using the old, outdated SMS marketing strategy.


3.)    Minimal cost and effort: –

You need to deliver relevant information most concisely and effectively for SMS marketing to work. You only have 5 seconds to grab your customers’ attention; otherwise, they’ll lose interest in your SMS and your brand. You only need to type your message once. The rest is done by Communicat-O’s AI-powered intelligent bots, i.e., inserting names of different customers, customizing it according to which audience segments they fall on, etc. The cost associated with this strategy is almost negligible compared to the old traditional marketing approach such as TV, radio, print etc.


Moreover, brief and concise SMS make it easier for your customer to understand the core of your marketing campaign than lengthy emails. The easier it will make for your customer to understand the SMS, the more they are likely to respond.


4.)    No texting barriers: –

One of the benefits of texting is the ease of connecting with people domestically and globally. Businesses’ biggest advantage with text marketing via Salesforce is extending their reach globally. Sending texts on different social media platforms does not attract any kind of regulations; this gives organizations an advantage in connecting with their international audience without compromising the country’s rules and regulations.


This is where Communicat-O helps you break the barrier. It is the only mobile-ready solution that combines all the text messages received from around the social media platform into one unified platform, Salesforce. Assuring that no texts are missed and making it time-efficient for the organizations to look into all the queries received domestically and globally.

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