Essential Features in a healthcare telecommunication you should look for

Essential Features in a healthcare telecommunication you should look for

“Digitization of the businesses is the need of the hour.”

Digitization has completely transformed how people do business these days, and as a result, this has increased people’s expectations significantly. What they expect now is something that makes their life easier. People who do not reasonably expect even more, and the sector which looks after those people is the one that is still struggling to anticipate this transformation towards digitization. 

Over 70% of the patients agree that they would like to access their health data on mobile phones. The deadly novel coronavirus pandemic has only boosted this revolution of accessing health data remotely on mobile phones. 

There is a rising demand from the people for healthcare telecommunication where they just need to put in their health data, and they can access medical treatment without even visiting the hospitals. Different healthcare apps have additional features, but their goals remain the same. 


This article will discuss the essential features that healthcare telecommunication must have and how we can integrate technology with the healthcare service business.


Telehealth: Digitization of healthcare

Telehealth uses digital transformation and telecommunication, like mobile phones and computers, to access healthcare services remotely and manage your healthcare data. What most healthcare providers are doing to teach telehealth in their favor is they are amalgamating Salesforce CRM into their systems. Salesforce CRM in the Healthcare industry offers an innovative experience to collaborate with patients and medical services. 

What are the necessary features you need to make the most out of your healthcare telecommunications?


Booking an appointment: 

First and foremost, a feature you should look for is how customer-friendly your app’s UI is to schedule appointments. Now people don’t want to stand in lines to book appointments or to make a phone call for which it could take hours to connect. Communicat-O is powered by artificial intelligence, making scheduling appointments for the patient easy and hassle-free. They just need to open the app and book an available date, and boom, you have your appointment. This feature of Communicat-O also assists you in managing your appointments so that there are no overlaps.


In-App messaging:

Communicat-O is a multi-channel messaging tool for your Salesforce CRM that integrates all content (messages, comments, support requests, chat, etc.) across multiple text messaging and social media platforms in one unified platform. This unique feature of Communicat-O helps patients contact healthcare providers and supports the providers in having instant communication with their patients and not miss out on any query, comment, or message received. This is the essential feature of Communicat-O that you can send or receive notifications to and from any social media platform. Patients need their queries getting resolved immediately without any delays, and this is where Communicat-O comes in-handy, in-app text messaging.


Push Notifications:

Getting notified about your upcoming appointments and taking medicines at the proper time is one of the most appreciated features of the healthcare telecommunication app by the patients. Communicat-O’s intelligent bot sends these reminders to patients in a much more human-friendly manner and also takes care that it is not bombarding patients with the reminders. 


Payment Feature:

As the pandemic continues, people’s preference has changed from cash transactions to online transactions, as transacting with cash has a potential risk of getting in contact with the virus. An online payment option for medical treatment or the medicines purchases is what patients are expecting from telehealth apps. You can integrate many payment gateways with your Salesforce CRM and offer them multiple modes of payment.


Staff Management:

Telehealth apps are designed not only for patients but also for hospital management. A feature like an employee monitoring, reviews, and health records helps improve the staff’s efficiency. If staff is well monitored, then it will result in greater output from them. One of the examples of such an app is Communicat-O.

To keep up with your customers’ constantly changing demands, you need to digitize your healthcare business. Technology has the potential to improve the quality of healthcare. Telehealth provides opportunities to make health care more efficient and closer to home. 

In the post-pandemic world, telehealth is the way forward to make healthcare accessible to the broader population. Communicat-O is the one such app that is being widely adopted worldwide for its unique features, which make accessing health data and communication with healthcare providers very easy.


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