Salesforce ChatterBot: 11 Things You forget To Do

Salesforce Chatterbot for automated messaging

You will lose customers if you keep them waiting or make them feel like they are not having a good time. You will probably also miss out on selling opportunities and the trust of your customers by not keeping your service up to the mark. Bad customer service can put a stop to your business. Does anyone want that? Of course not! 

The Salesforce chatterbot powered by Communicat-O has been designed specially to turn this around. 

In this modern era, you will find chatbot solutions available for almost every industry- marketing, government, finance, B2B interaction, real estate and even Healthcare. This is mainly because people find chatbots more reliable for getting answers than website forms. 

With the advancement of technology, now the chatbot does more than answer. For example, the salesforce chatterbot offers many essential things like the diagnosis of symptoms, mental Healthcare consultations, nutrition facts, and tracking in the healthcare industry. 

It played a significant role in answering questions during the covid 19 pandemic. 


What is a Chatbot?

Salesforce created chatterbots/ chatbots to understand and handle customer interactions with the help of AI. A chatterbot is a virtual assistant that works like a solution that uses AI to help you solve your clients’ needs. We have enhanced and taken forward the vision with our product- Communicat-O. 

It saves your team’s time and effort by answering automatically. That will help the organization reduce the human team’s workload and save time and money. 

Salesforce is very helpful for analyzing customer data, supporting managers and directors by taking effective decisions and enhancing productivity. 

Artificial intelligence has improved productivity without sacrificing quality by using its two primary skills; Machine learning and Natural language processing (NLP). For example, in Customer Service, AI has freed up human work capacity to work on more complex issues.

Let’s dive right into 11 things you probably forget to do with your salesforce chatterbot. 


1- Determine the Availability of your Bot

If your company usually faces loads of calls and messages, then Salesforce Chatterbot can help you ease it. In addition, some companies can improve their management levels by serving customers on these platforms. But generally, the more challenging issue the company faces is to serve the customers right and connect with them directly. 

Therefore, Communicat-O keeps your bot available 24*7 and ensures there is no downtime. 


2- Collect Consumer Data 

Salesforce chatterbots are designed to reduce and enhance the work which used to be done by human force. Chatterbots are intended to do some functions better in less time. 

Customer service and collecting consumer data can be done with the help of Salesforce ChatterBot. Human resources can be conserved as Communicat-O enables intelligent automated replies by leveraging technology and AI.


3- Better ROI

As you might know, ROI is directly proportional to how any industry uses the salesforce chatterbot. 

The significant benefit you can avail for your business by using chatterbot is reducing handle time, increasing CSAT, and increasing case deflection. 

Using Communicat-O, your business benefits at a minimal cost as low as $15/user/month, so the more use of the bot, the better the ROI. 


4- Automate Resolve Customer Issues 

Customer is key to any industry for it to work well. Any company will like to improve and hold onto their customer base with your product or service happy. For keeping your top clients happy, these companies prefer to rely on NLP and connected CRM data. 

Salesforce has introduced Einstein Bots which are AI-powered and CRM connected chatbots. That will benefit the advances in AI and help reduce the costs for the company. 


5- Track Performance  

Communicat-O has a built-in performance analysis program installed. With the help of the bot, you can measure the metrics such as response time average, handle time and other factors related to keeping work on track. With metrics handy, it helps make decisions faster and better.


6- Effectively Connect With Business Process  

Many industries, including Healthcare, are already effectively using the salesforce chatterbot as an essential and integral part of their customer service. 

Communicat-O integrates chatterbots into existing business processes to start actions on the agent’s side. For example, we are successfully using Bots to connect with customers and finish the required steps automatically on the agent’s behalf. 


7- Build CRM with AI 

Build your customized chatterbot with Communicat-O. It will help you create conversational flows that will connect data in salesforce by using simple language for better understanding by the customers. 

The benefits of advances in AI with the help of Communicat-O  in Salesforce will help make the customer experience more authentic. For example, you can add common types of customer questions and answers to them and some human-like dialogues for better customer interactions. 


8- Reduce Cost 

It goes without saying that a trained chatterbot who takes care of customer service 24*7 makes the human support team useless. Therefore, the more intelligent your solution is, the lesser your cost. 

Having a bot powered by Communicat-O with 24*7 service reduces the human services and helps the company save some costs. 


9- Boosts Sales 

Along with resolving customer complaints and queries, the salesforce chatterbot can also detect sales and carry out real-time selling actions. With the help of this virtual assistant, your sales team’s workload will reduce. 


When our chatterbot detects a potential sale, it asks the customer to fill out a form and send the details to the sales team. In simple words, the bot automatically connects seamlessly to your CRM workflow. 


10- Offer Unlimited Support  

You can now forget about making your customers unhappy with no or late response. As of now, you can entirely rely on Communicat-O’s chatterbot to resolve any customer complaints and demands immediately and 24*7 in all your channels and websites. That way, you will have excellent customer relations maintained. 


11- Build a Team for your bot 


Building an effective team for your bot is very crucial for your industry. You must have three stakeholders- 


  • Product Owner
  • System Administrator 
  • Content Writer 


Keeping the above three staff will help you ensure that your bot is working effectively. In addition, they will help you incorporate the bot with the external system, design the conversion for advertising and communications, and manage the bot’s versions.

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