7 Different Ways Salesforce Messaging Helps in Healthcare Industry in 2022

salesforce messaging in healthcare

During the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, treating any patients on physical premises was impossible. Therefore, it became imperative to inculcate advanced technologies for solving healthcare-related challenges during such terrible times.

With the introduction of Salesforce Messaging in the Healthcare industry, efficiency in managing healthcare facilities has increased multifold. Also, it helped to build doctor-patient relationships by keeping the medical data confidential and providing customized medicinal services at the required time.

In this article, we have highlighted seven different ways how Salesforce Messaging can leverage Communicat-O and related technology towards the betterment Healthcare industry services. But, before that, let’s understand the challenges a common individual faced before Salesforce Cloud-Based Services.


Today, patients are well-educated and experienced in the diseases or illnesses they are suffering from. As a result, they have higher demands from healthcare providers. Hence, it is crucial to meet their requirements and provide them with complete healthcare solutions.

Following are some challenges faced by the Healthcare providers without implementing Salesforce Messaging:

  • Provide the correct medical data at the right place, right time, and to the right provider.
  • Mitigate and control diseases for assured personalized services
  • Offers transparency and better access to information in the Healthcare system
  • Provide virtual connection between doctor and patient due to physical distancing.

This is all possible through Salesforce Messaging.


Cloud-based technology has ingeniously transformed the healthcare industry. From managing patients’ medical history to engaging patients across any electronic devices, Salesforce Messaging provides 360-Degree solutions to meet today’s medical needs.

Salesforce Messaging in the Healthcare industry offers an innovative experience to collaborate with patients and medical services. This technology can use EMRs, electronic devices, and pre-recorded data to accumulate all medical data with a holistic approach and build a patient’s profile for future reference.

Hence, Salesforce Messaging offers patients overall control of their healthcare journey. At the same time, it helps doctors to provide personalized approaches to their services. 

7 Different Ways Salesforce Messaging Helps in Healthcare Industry

Here we are presenting you with 7-illuminating ways Salesforce messaging helps in building a patient-centric experience:

1. Engaging Patients Across Any Electronic Devices

As stated earlier, the Salesforce Messaging offers one-to-one communication with doctors and patients to render personalized services. Patients can acquire their medical reports, consult doctors, or treatment plans as and when required using any electronic device.

For instance, Communicat-O enables patients to obtain and share their test reports via WhatsApp or any other networking platform without visiting the doctor’s client or hospitals. It saves time, and both have seamless communication through electronic devices.

2. Build Trust Among the Patients

While dealing with a specific illness or disease, patients always prefer to have transparent communication about their health and progress. But, simultaneously, they want their medical records to be kept confidential and safe. This is both possible by rendering Salesforce with Communicat-O.

Communicat-O being end-to-end encrypted, enables its customers (patients in the healthcare industry) to adhere to a complete sense of security. Also, it has in-built a prompt alerting feature that sends you a message or an email whenever someone tries to access your files.

3. Integrated With Mobile Devices

Today, many mobile applications have a data synchronization feature that provides access to sync your phone records, chats, calendar, alarms, and much more. Similarly, Salesforce Messaging with Communicat-O can integrate information across electronic devices and store all your logs in one place.

For instance, if the visiting/new doctor wants to see their patient’s previous medical records, they can access the same via Communicat-O. It’s easy, convenient, and quick.

4. Tackles Healthcare Emergencies

With Communicat-O, it is possible to provide remote medical services across electronic devices in real-time. From tracking their heart rate to monitoring their every step, everything is taken care of with technology.

Suddenly, suppose a patient with a history of heart attack is having severe pain near their chest area. In that case, their doctors will receive prompt notification, and they can inform the patient’s family members. 

5. Retrieve Medical Information Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud-based technology helped many organizations to store, modify, and retrieve information anytime, anywhere. For example, a patient’s medical history plays a crucial role in research and development proceedings in the healthcare industry. 

With the permission of a patient who has cancer, medical researchers can use their medical history and conduct research to improve drugs and treat them more efficiently. Communicat-O with its mobile presence,will help them stay updated about every process and look forward to their findings.

6. Share Valuable Insights Swiftly

Patients are always interested to know the advancement in the healthcare industry, especially if the news is related to their area of interest. Using Salesforce Messaging, one can share valuable insights about current affairs,  latest developments and upcoming projects in medical fields.

Communicat-O helps them stay updated and look forward to more advancements in the prospects. At the same time, doctors can keep them engaged and track the progress of their respective patients.

7. Efficient & Looks Professional

With digital advancement, numerous means of communication are available to connect with people. However, only a few mediums are considered legit and professional in the healthcare industry, of which the patients mostly prefer SMS and WhatsApp falls.

Multichannel messaging with Communicat-O enables individuals to get short and direct information related to their health and wellness on applications of their preference. Also, it is convenient for doctors to address patients’ queries, as calls might disturb their schedules.


Salesforce messaging lets doctors have conversations in a more feasible, convenient way with the patients- via electronic devices using messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and others. Sharing medical reports, addressing queries, and consultancy on certain diseases are some of the additional benefits a patient can achieve using this service.

With the advance in technology, the healthcare industry is significantly changing for a better tomorrow. To know more about our services in detail, feel free to connect with us anytime. Our advisors will be pleased to share their advice with you.

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