The Advanced Guide to Integrate Salesforce Sms API In Your Outreach Campaigns

Integrate Salesforce Sms API

For any industry, customer success and sales are all about forming strong and long term relationships with your customer and other leads. That is immensely and quickly possible with the help of Salesforce integration. 

Salesforce has gained popularity in this modern era due to its ability to integrate with email and other third-party business applications. That helps the human resource team reach out to customers, collect their data, track their responses, and analyze overall performance.

Due to its effectiveness, many companies are switching from traditional communication channels like email to Salesforce. There is no more extensive CRM software out there than what Salesforce has to offer. 

Salesforce launched SMS API as an effective communication channel for customers. It is a robust and user-friendly solution that has various features like-

  • One-on-one conversations
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead qualifications 
  • Surveys 
  • Unlimited user license
  • By using salesforce SMS API, you will be surprised to see increased engagement with your customers, clients and prospects. 


What is an SMS API? 

SMS( Short Message Service) API is a user-friendly and well-defined solution by Salesforce that enables code to send short messages via an SMS gateway. It is usually used to bridge the gap between telecommunications carrier networks and the world wide web(WWW), enabling the codes to pass through and reach the desired destination on time. 

SMS API lets your business integrate or send SMS messages through an SMS gateway directly from an application solution into your existing software platforms. 

It enables you to send, receive and review SMS messages from the clients in no time and effortlessly through any website or application platform. 

Reason to Use SMS API 

In this rapidly ever-changing conventional way of modern practices, using an SMS API to send messages to your customers is a technique that continues to grow immensely. 

Here are a few of the benefits of using SMS API 

  • Increases efficiency, productivity and workflow
  • Faster and secured solution 
  • Effortless integration 
  • Clarity in reports 
  • Tracks messages using delivery receipts 
  • Automates the process of sending and receiving SMS messages 
  • Reduces the workload of manual management
  • Cost-effective 

Guide to Connect Globally and Outreach Campaigns via SMS API 

1. Nurture New Contacts

With the help of SMS API, you can now set up regular email drip campaigns to outreach new customers. Curious customers  sign up for these texting programs through these campaigns.

You can send these new customers pre set templates and customized messages directly from Communicat-O. SMS API also helps save their data and other information which can later be used to run other campaigns through Communicat-O.  

2. Nurture loyal customers

Keeping a customer happy is every company’s goal and hence it becomes very essential to make the loyal customers feel like they belong to a family or are part of something big and that happens only with communication. 

Communicat-O helps you nurture your loyal customers with SMS API by sending regular text messages.Communicat-O also enables the company to run automated marketing campaigns to enhance customer engagement thus impacting loyalty. 

3. Track both current and past conversations 

SMS API helps your business easily include accurate, personalized information, customer history, and details about the customer in tailored content with the up-to-date information feature. 

Updating the customers’ data helps the business empower by offering the best and most successful customer services globally. 

Not only this, Communicat-O provides an added advantage as it presents the whole conversational history with a client captured across all platforms in a single place for the company to serve them better. 

4. Manage Multiple Leads 

You can manage the regular inflow of new leads daily and the older leads with the help of Salesforce SMS API. Based on each lead information, with the use of Communicat-O, you can text multiple leads simultaneously using the intelligent bulk messaging feature.

5. Multichannel Communication 

In today’s fast-growing world, businesses need to keep omnichannel communications open to be available for the customers to contact through whatever channel they are comfortable with. 

Integrating SMS into Salesforce plays a vital key communication channel for businesses to be available anywhere and at any time. You can outreach customers through phone, email, chats, social media or even text messages. 

Communicat-O goes an extra mile by integrating other messaging and social media platforms which can be used to provide a more wholesome and holistic customer experience.

6. Personalized Communication 

The key to attracting and outreaching more customers is through personalization and convenience. With the help of integrating a text messaging SMS API solution through Communicat-O, businesses can start personalizing communication with existing and future potential customers in the most personal way of contacting- texting. 

Interacting through messages on time and anywhere can significantly increase response rates and improve your chances of selling more products and services. 

Unlike phone calls or email, which are easily avoided, you can benefit from personalized messaging SMS. It will also help the business to outreach new clients and have effective and efficient overall customer service. 

7. One-way SMS messaging

Your business can send one way SMS to their client globally. It can send SMS notifications, alerts, confirmation and reminders to the customers and leads directly from your website, solutions, and applications. 

You can quickly inform and engage with your customers by providing any pieces of information they need by a single SMS via Communicat-O.

8. Two way SMS Messaging

You can quickly start engaging in two-way conversations with the clients. After reaching out to all your worldwide customers, clients, and leads, you need to let your customers reply to your SMS messages using shortcode API or long number API. There is no longer any need to start from scratch, invest in hardware and negotiate with the operator. 

You can send transactional and promotional SMS to millions of your customers worldwide, and Communicat-O makes sure that they reach their destination on time and every time.  

Final Thoughts 

The modern era has introduced us to many incredible technologies and solutions that help our business thrive globally. Communicat-O delivers a magical experience when it comes to customer messaging. Thus, use SMS API for outreach campaigns by continuously sending messages and information to the customers that add value to their lives.

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