Ultimate guide to Salesforce integration to increase your leads

increase leads with Salesforce integration services

Salesforce is a cloud-based robust platform that provides customer relationship management (CRM) service. CRM is a technique that an organization uses to administer its interaction with customers. It allows the organization to manage customer relationships through a single tool, helping the business provide a better customer experience and improve business outcomes. It can act as a platform to build cloud-based applications from scratch, such as the sales cloud, the marketing cloud, the service cloud, community cloud, analytic cloud, app cloud and a few other services. 

Each of the services has its functionalities and can be used by different teams in a company like the sales company can use the sales cloud, the support team can use the service cloud and so on.

 What is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration is the process of merging the data and functionality of Salesforce with a third party application to provide users with a single unified experience. It connects salesforce.com with third-party external systems and applications like Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail, outlook and other external websites. 

It also allows you to establish and manage communication between salesforce CRM and the other system with the help of Application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are used to interpret the messages that these systems exchange. 

In simple words, salesforce integration is just connecting your sales force to any other tools you need to run your business. It can be helpful in the analysis of data and also support the managers and director by taking the right and effective decisions. 

 So, integrating Salesforce with other tools can be very helpful in enhancing productivity and bringing significant improvement; that leads to overall success for the company. Communicat-O is one such tool that integrates each and every application falling under social media platforms to one unified platform. It lets you transfer conversations between representatives, bulk messages across platforms and convenes all the interactions in one place.

 Advantages of Salesforce Integration

 Let’s talk about the general benefits of integrating Salesforce with external systems. 

 Offers all-in-one Access:- As mentioned earlier, Salesforce integration is done with various other third-party applications, which lets users access functionalities of both Salesforce and the third party application. As a result, they won’t have to switch between systems and can stay logged in to one system to get their work done. Communicat-O ensures that you do not miss even a single text with it’s all in one integration. 

 Increases Productivity:- Sometimes a job requires a lot of copying data to ensure it appears in all the systems. However, manually doing it can cause errors and take away your valuable time. With Salesforce, you can integrate the system to have automated checks and balances to ensure they have the same information. That will help reduce the time spent duplicating data and give you time to be more productive. With added features along with what we get in Salesforce, Communicat-O has been designed with a vision to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

 Enhanced Communication:- In a company, there is a possibility of one department being more comfortable with Salesforce while the other isn’t. Now, integrating the two systems allows each team to work in a different system they like while streamlining communication, leading to more information being shared. Conversational conversations over bulk messaging is the future and Communicat-O knows exactly how one can enhance the effect of communication to make it effective. 

 Automatic Workflows:- Salesforce integration automates workflows without any code. That means some repetitive tasks that require absolutely no human being can be automated using salesforce automation.With the power of AI and competitive tech, Communicat-O has pre configured replies for frequent queries that the customers usually have. It also lets you send bulk messages to all the customers irrespective of what platform they are connected on.

Better Decisions:- Better decision making is not possible when the data exists in parts. Hence, parts force integration offers a complete view of the data, improving decision-making based on a proper understanding of risks.Communicat-O also helps the users with real time analytics reports which help track progress, measure growth and identify trends.

Ways to Increase your Leads with the help of SalesForce Integration

Facebook Messenger Integration with Salesforce:- Facebook Messenger and Lead Ads integration with Salesforce help the brands supercharge their new customer acquisition strategy by automatically connecting right into Salesforce. It allows the sales teams to work and nurture leads or marketing teams to present offers to millions of people worldwide in channels like email and mobile.

Salesforce ChatterBot:- Salesforce has created Chatbots to understand and handle simple customer concerns in a chat window. These chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with customers and resolve their issues. It helps free the agents from complex human interactions and save time and money.

Salesforce Integration with Whatsapp :- Salesforce does not offer integration with Whatsapp, so it’s no surprise that looking for a third-party tool, i.e., Communicat-O is the best way to elevate your customer communications. For medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers and synchronizes your communication with customers worldwide, enabling you to connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

Salesforce Marketing with Cloud SMS:- Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables the users to send fully custom SMS messages through Distributed Marketing. These messages are sent through Journey Builder using the Mobile Connect SMS activity.

Salesforce Integration with Telegram, Wechat, Line:- Communicat-O is a customer messaging solution for brands that care about their customers. These applications work natively within Salesforce to enable consent-based business-to-person messaging for high-touch and multichannel customer engagement worldwide. 

Salesforce SMS Messaging :- Communicat-O is a powerful and user-friendly native SMS/WhatsApp solution for Salesforce. It has various features like one-on-one conversations, bulk messaging, and lead qualification surveys. Also, it has an unlimited user license, which will help you see more engagement with your clients and prospects.

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