Best Social Media Tool to Integrate with Salesforce CRM

Social media tool to integrate with Salesforce CRM

Social media has become an indispensable element in the modern marketing mix. With millions of online users, it is a powerful medium to influence a brand’s image. However, companies can easily get lost in the sea of social platforms. Therefore, it is important that marketers use an integrated platform for social media messaging, better known as social CRM, to connect with their audience.  

What is social CRM? 

Social CRM is the use of a CRM platform to capture customer interactions on social media, emails, and phone-based messaging. It helps firms analyze customer data and utilize it to create winning marketing and customer service strategies. Its benefits are not limited to social media tracking. Through its unified interface, companies can simplify their customer engagement process across all social media platforms and resolve customer requests faster.  

What to expect in a social media tool? 

A good social media tool allows a single view of all social notifications. It aids social listening, and combined with sentiment analysis, helps a brand understand how customers feel. It also connects with other communication tools to respond to customers and resolve issues. It can flag complaints and with its easy interdepartmental access and quick follow-up, resolve issues quickly. It allows real-time engagement with customers, identifies a brand’s true advocates, and nurtures a positive brand experience with them.  

For social CRM to work, it has to be synced with marketing, sales, and customer service tools. It must also provide the option of unifying customer information across social platforms to reduce redundancy and provide clear customer profiles. All of this helps companies reduce the time taken to serve customers, cut manpower costs, and improve overall customer experience.  

Leverage social CRM with Communicat-O 

Communicat-O is a social CRM tool for Salesforce that provides a seamless Salesforce integration with social media and enables firms to cater to engage with customers through social feeds, chats, and other mediums with a single view through its Communication Centre. It combines multiple social media and text message platforms with Salesforce to listen to the customer’s voice. It also easily integrates with other business apps and eliminates the dependence on multiple platforms and communication tools. 

Its Shared Inbox feature helps internal teams collaborate and expedite the customer services and sales process. The tool allows users to send personalized text messages to customers in bulk and boasts of an astounding 98% opening rate. Communicat-O offers users the flexibility to choose any SMS platform vendor, helping them save time, money, and the hassle of integrating a platform. This makes it ideal for lead engagement.  

Additionally, Communicat-O can be effectively used to manage individual and team performance. It tracks the performance of every sales executive or campaign. The analytical insights provided by the tool can be leveraged to improve the team’s productivity.  

With an all-encompassing social media tool for Salesforce like Communicat-O, one can leverage their existing Salesforce CRM, remove the silos from their customer service and sales process, and understand customer sentiment successfully. 

Final words
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