How to Launch a Mutichannel Messaging Program from Your Salesforce CRM

Messaging Program for Salesforce

Real-time social media monitoring and communication across all your digital channels is a paramount factor in customer service today. Customers expect timely (rather instant!) responses and resolutions. If your business can’t give them what they want, they are likely to switch to your competitor.  

Multichannel messaging program for Salesforce with real-time social media monitoring can easily and quickly help you communicate with your audience 24/7. Apart from prompt and targeted communication, a messaging platform can also reduce your customer service costs and get critical insights into customer behavior.

Here is your 5-step roadmap to launching a Multichannel messaging program for Salesforce with the best social media monitoring tools for your business. 

  • Choose a Multichannel Messaging Program for Salesforce Tailored to Customer Requirements 
    Today, you have access to several Multichannel messaging programs such as WhatsApp messenger, Facebook messenger, WeChat, Telegram messenger and SMS.  You need to evaluate which of these messaging programs is best suited to your customer needs to be integrated with your Salesforce CRM. For example, if your business has a high mobile traffic volume, then it makes more sense to have WhatsApp messenger. Choose a messaging program for Salesforce that offers text, voice calls and video calls options as well allows you to share images as well as video formats. An integrated Social Media Messaging platform for Salesforce can make it further easy for customers to interact with your brand directly from one place.
  • Determine the Type of Services You Want to Offer on the Messaging Program 
    A Salesforce Social Media Multichannel messaging program can offer you numerous opportunities to expand your bouquet of services. For example, you can send personalized messages or alerts, updates on new product launches and status of orders/deliveries. You can even allow customers to make direct purchases and bill payments from the chat. If you run a salon or hospital, you can use the Multichannel messaging program to schedule appointments, cancellations and reminders. 
    At this juncture, it is also advisable to consider the best Multichannel messaging tools for your Salesforce CRM that can help you to track and manage conversations at one place.
  • Choose Between Manual and Automated Messaging 
    If your business is new or you are catering to only a few or selected customers, then it might make sense to manually manage the messaging program. However, as the business grows in size and volume, it would become difficult to operate it single-handedly or through a team of human agents. So, it is advisable to start with automated messaging by integrating the Messaging program with your Salesforce CRM or AI-enabled bots. You can also consider live chat integration with Salesforce for even more enhanced customer experience.
  • Do a Trial Run But Keep it a Low-Key Affair 
    Launching a Salesforce Social Media Multichannel messaging program is similar to starting a new project. You need to conduct a feasibility study to find out the chances of success or failure. So, put your Salesforce messaging platform in action by doing a trial run for a few months. You can assess how customers are responding, what is the level of volume you can expect and what improvements you need to make. Make sure you also test the best social media monitoring tools for your Salesforce CRM to check its feasibility with different Multichannels like whatsapp, wechat, hike, FB messenger, Pinterest, telegram, etc.
  • Go Big with the Launch 
    After you fix or alter the messaging program based on the learnings from the trial run, you can launch it at full scale across your entire target audience or geographies where your business is present.

    Launching a Salesforce Social Media Multichannel messaging program needs a dedicated and holistic approach. It is recommended that you partner with experienced and professional Tool like Communicat-O to build a Seamless Salesforce Multichannel messaging program that can enhance customer experiences for your business.


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