Social Media Engagement Tool For Salesforce CRM

Social Media Engagement Tool for Salesforce

Social media is such a pivotal tool today for marketing success and business outcomes. And rightly so! Every brand’s target audiences are spending more time online, nearly 1/3rd of all time spent online!

Businesses, by leveraging the right social media platforms, can reach billions of customers with their brand message and pave the way for business growth. Social Media Engagement Tools for Salesforce makes it hassle-free for businesses to engage with customers, showcase their uniqueness and build a strong brand image.

The multiplicity of social media platforms from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn creates major roadblocks for businesses. Integrating Salesforce with multichannel chats is a powerful way to tackle these challenges and boost business outcomes.

What are these roadblocks? How does multichannel integration with Salesforce help? Read on to find out.

The Roadblocks in Seamless Social Media Engagement

Customers engage with brands through chats, comment sections, direct messages, social media posts and so on across platforms and with multiple profiles. Given the growing volumes, there is a high possibility of missing conversations and feedback.

While positive feedback amplifies word-of-mouth and referrals, negative feedback spreads much faster and has the potential to tarnish the brand image. Being responsive and acting on them effectively in real-time has the potential to elevate customer experiences. Given the limited resources and employee bandwidth, high responsiveness may be hard to achieve.

Information siloes could prevent full visibility into the customer journey and thus, lead to broken customer engagement and experiences.

How do the Right Social Tools for Salesforce Help?

Salesforce’s best tools for social media engagement such as Communicat-O combine all communication and content (messages, chats, DMs, comments, support requests, etc.) from across all social media and text messaging platforms and profiles into one cohesive platform. So, customers don’t have to download an app or find a suitable platform to engage with the company. Customers can engage with the brand 24×7 on any convenient social media or text messaging platform from any device.

The multichannel integration with Salesforce further breaks information silos and provides full visibility into customer profiles. Combined with 360-degree conversation history, Salesforce Social Listening Tools and business-critical insights, businesses can deepen customer profiles, customize conversations at scale, improve the effectiveness of conversations and boost sales.

By creating automated workflows and quick reply templates for contextual responses in such multichannel messaging programs for Salesforce CRM, businesses will never miss a message again. Additionally, businesses can free up employee bandwidth involved in collating information from multiple profiles and platforms and empower them to focus on what matters – ensuring higher engagement and crafting superior customer experiences.

The best customer engagement tool for Salesforce such as Communicat-O provide live chat integration with Salesforce and work on mobile. This means employees can engage with customers and resolve issues on-the-go, thus, improving responsiveness and minimizing customer wait time.


Every conversation is critical to establishing a brand that can withstand the aggressive competition and clutter in the market. The right customer engagement tool for Salesforce such as Communicat-O that integrates Salesforce with multichannel chats empowers businesses to strengthen their responsiveness, improve engagement and drive sales.

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