Top 5 Strategies to Boost Social Media ROI with Live Chat

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Live chats on social media enable customers to quickly connect with the brand and get their queries resolved or complaints addressed. With social media chat tools that integrate with Salesforce, it is possible to boost the overall social media ROI.

Here are the strategies to boost social media ROI with live chat.

Live chat integration with Salesforce and other business apps

Live chat integration with Salesforce and other business apps is critical to boosting ROI. These tools enable easy access to voluminous customer data from across multiple siloed sources along with actionable social listening insights provided by Salesforce Social Studio. These enable you to quickly resolve queries, cross-sell and upsell, close more deals faster, etc. through hyper-personalization and contextual responses.

Initiate chat at the right time

Customers do not want to be met with the chat right when they get to the page. Allow the customers to go through 60% of the content and gain value from it before pitching questions to the customer. This way, you can gain insights on their browsing patterns and start the conversation with the right questions. Choose a social media messaging tool that enables such intuitiveness.

Responsiveness and Reliability matter most!

Social media live chat is effective only if you are responsive to customers. The shorter the wait times and delays, the better the ROI from social media. You must provide 24×7, reliable live chat tools so that customers from across the globe can benefit.

Leverage Communicat-O, a cohesive Social Media Messaging Tool for Salesforce. It enables businesses to connect all messages, comments and content from across social media channels onto one cohesive platform. So, you will never miss a message!

This Multichannel Tool for Salesforce CRM also works on mobile. So, your executives can respond to customer requests and queries on-the-go.

Leverage analytics, AI and automation for greater value creation

Intelligent automation and powerful analytics enable faster decision-making, greater personalization and enhanced value creation. Multichannel Tool for Salesforce CRM like Communicat-O enable you to be responsive and build conversations even when an executive isn’t available/ free with automated workflows, contextual replies and NLP capabilities.

Further, you can scale conversations without increasing the number of executives while freeing up employee bandwidth for high-productivity tasks such as conversions, crafting experiences and so on.

Use the right CTA at the right time in live chat

Doing so, you engage your target audience better and prompt them into taking actions that generate further value for the business. You could slide in the right product/service links that are relevant to the conversation on live chat. The best Social Media Engagement Tools for Salesforce back these up with analytics that enable you to measure the performance of your CTAs and help you streamline them for enhanced business value.

Intelligent Social media messaging tools for Salesforce such as Communicat-O make it super convenient for the customer to connect with the brand across any social media channel of their choosing and empower brands to boost social media ROI with live chats.


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