How SMS Marketing Can Help In Your Business?

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SMS is an easily accessible, short and direct medium to reach the customers’ inboxes. SMS marketing has one of the best customer engagement rates across the customer lifecycle with the brand. It is a potent tool that must feature in your multi-channel marketing mix. With intelligent bulk SMS marketing and multichannel messaging tools like Communicat-O, things couldn’t get easier.

How does SMS Marketing help businesses?

Immediate and direct channel
Text messages are immediate and direct with an opening rate of 98% in comparison to 20% for emails. Even when a customer doesn’t open an SMS, the phone keeps reminding them that there are unread messages. With social media engagement and two-way SMS marketing services like Communicat-O, you can attract 6x more prospects!

Easy to track
SMS marketing campaigns are much easier to track meaningful ROI, customer engagement and so on. Easy trackability is especially useful for SMEs that operate with limited resources.

With intelligent social media engagement and SMS marketing software like Communicat-O, you can effortlessly track key parameters and streamline messages for improved ROI. You can deepen customer profiles, segment and effectively target them.

SMS Marketing Software enables personalization at scale
Personalization improves customer experiences and engagement. It shows them the brand cares about them. With innovative message apps for Salesforce such as Communicat-O, you can personalize at scale. Such software solutions enable integration with Salesforce and other business apps to gain a 360-degree view of the customer, minus the siloes. With the two-way live chat features, you can nurture strong, personalized relationships with customers.  

Salesforce’s best tools for business communication and social media engagement equip you with actionable insights on ideal timings for your target audiences and enable you to seamlessly schedule your SMS campaigns.

Integrate and support other marketing channels
While SMS marketing is a great standalone channel, it works seamlessly with other marketing channels such as email and social media. You can send triggers, alerts, follows and reminders for other marketing channels through text messages. You can leverage insights from live chats to improve the efficacy of campaigns on other channels.

How to make the most of SMS Marketing?

  • Keep the text messages to-the-point, compelling and relevant! Carefully craft messages that are punchy, short, informative and add value to the customer to improve engagement rates. More importantly, do not spam customers’ inboxes.
  • Personalize even your bulk SMS marketing campaigns. With intelligent social media engagement and SMS marketing services like Communicat-O, personalization is effortless.
  • CTAs define SMS marketing success. Great SMS campaigns fail to boost ROI without the right CTAs. Include links or short codes in the message for better engagement.
  • Timing is critical. Schedule text messages at a time when your customers are likely to make decisions. For instance, a restaurant could schedule promotional messages to customers around lunch when they are most likely to order food.

With the best business communication and Social media Engagement Tool for Salesforce, businesses can amplify SMS marketing effectiveness and ROI. Try Communicat-O now!

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