3 Tips for Maximizing Modern Conversation Channels to Grow Your Small Business

MUltichannel chat integration with Salesforce

When new-age customers engage with your business or brand, they expect an open, prompt, transparent and real-time communicational channel.  

As a small business, it is understandable that you have limited resources and finances to track social media and deploy a highly sophisticated communication system for your customers. The good news is that you can still maximize conversations with your customers through digital channels such as social media and live chats. These modern channels make it easy for small businesses to respond to their customers promptly and track social media conversations to get actionable business insights. 

Let’s give you some useful tips to engage effectively with your customers on modern conversation channels and get desired business results. 

Integrate Your Customer Care Number with CRM 

A customer care number is a lifeline for a small business. It is as credible as your website and social media pages. However, a phone number can just make and attend calls – it can’t help you store, organize, track and retrieve customer information. That’s why, it is important to deploy CRM software that automatically logs the customer calls, their contact number/email ID and history of conversations. This ensures that the customer conversations are not lost among your team members and communication remains consistent with every interaction. 

Be Active on Social Media 

Did you know that 54% of social browsers rely on social media to research products and engage with brands? This means that your social media presence should be loud and clear to your customers. You need to post engaging, useful and informative content in the form of text, video or image at least once a day. Choose one or two social media platforms where your target audience is present – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. The content could be about your existing products, new product launch or polls, contests and giveaways. 

These posts generate responses in the form of comments, likes and shares from your social media followers as well as potential customers. Use these responses as a lead to start deep conversations with your customers. 

Use Social media Chat or Messaging Apps for Salesforce for Real-Time Conversations 

It is quite possible that you may take a few hours to 1-2 days to do social media tracking and respond to customers’ comments. This time gap could be a lost business opportunity. So, it is advisable to offer real-time or live conversation support to customers through Multichannel Integration with Salesforce. Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram and Facebook messenger are some popular instant Multichannel chat/messaging apps among small businesses. 

These Social media chat integration with Salesforce can be used to create brand awareness and credibility, build connections with customers, promote your products, help customers make quick purchasing decisions and also offer post-purchase support on a one-to-one basis from one platform i.e Communicat-O. 
Commuicat-O is a Powerful CRM-based messaging platform for Salesforce using which one can Seamlessly communicate anywhere, anytime with their customers on the same channels they use with their friends. 

These modern conversation channels and timely social media tracking can help your small business personalize your communication and interactions with your customers. You can get in touch with Communicat-O team to maximize modern conversation channels using the Salesforce suite of solutions

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