6 Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Messaging Strategy

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With the beginning of the year 2021, many brands will be looking to take their social media messaging game a notch higher. The key to getting heard on social media lies in engaging customers with an effective communication strategy. A brand’s social media messaging strategy articulates what the brand strives to be and how it uses the existing social media channels to do so successfully and consistently in front of its audience.  

In this article, we dive into the steps that can help us build an effective communication strategy for social media –

1. Create honest conversations 
Creating real conversations with customers is hard because it requires understanding them and channelling the brand’s voice accordingly. Social media monitoring by using the best social media listening tools can help in understanding what the customers are talking about and how they feel about the events happening around them. This helps to pick up conversational themes that can draw the customers and create lasting relationships built on real conversations.  

2. Be original 
To get noticed in a crowded online social world, you have to be different. You have to establish yourself as the destination brand for the valuable content or information that only you can provide to your target audience. 

3. Be visually appealing
Only 20% of readers actually read the content, the rest are just skimming. This makes visuals a powerful way of getting yourself heard. In fact, good visuals increase the users’ desire to read by about 80%.

4. Make your content relevant for the people
Apart from being different and visually attractive, the real value comes from creating content that can engage. Engagement means people will go through the content and feel compelled to share it with others. It will have them start dialogue with the brand and establish a relationship.

5. Do not forget the channel
Twitter is different from Instagram. Different social media channels serve different purposes for a brand. The key lies in differentiating your content according to the channel and its audience. Tools such as Communicat-O can help you run customized campaigns by having multichannel integration with Salesforce.

6. Strike on time
The most engaging social media brands use the most current events and build crisp, brand-related stories around them. It helps them engage with their audience naturally. But to do this, it is important to take stock of what kind of events are interesting to your audience and then create timely content around it.

Get going with Communicat-O  

Communicat-O is an Multichannel integrated platform for Salesforce that allows you to manage all your social media messaging needs in one place. It allows you to create timely content without wasting your time and energy on dealing with numerous platforms. It gives you 360-degree visibility into your customer data with enriched insights that can help you create engaging content that speaks to your customers. With Communicat-O you can leverage social media chats to create positive customer experiences and improve the returns from your digital marketing investments. 

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