How Facebook Integration for Salesforce CRM Helps

How Facebook Integration for Salesforce CRM Helps

Facebook is the leading Social Media app in the world and Salesforce is the most popular CRM in the world. Salesforce and Facebook integration allows businesses to effectively manage their Content, Marketing strategy, Leads, Opportunities, Customer Base, etc.

Salesforce is all about customer relationship management and social media networking sites like Facebook are the perfect medium for interacting with your customers. Integrate the two and you get a powerful system which breaks the boundaries of online interaction and mass networking, all through a user’s Salesforce account!

An Integration between Facebook and Salesforce makes it easy for companies to connect with their customers and post regular updates from within the Salesforce Cloud.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Integration

Before planning to integrate the Facebook messenger in your Salesforce, you should know about the benefits as well. Here are the most important benefits you will receive upon the integration-

  • Send personalised messages to your consumers
    One way to attract and engage consumers is by sending them personalised messages of their choice. On integration you can easily message about your services and create a sense of awareness among your consumer base. This will help the business generate high-quality potential leads.


  • Opportunity to interact through multi channels
    On integration you will be able to connect with your customers through a different medium apart from regular SMS or mail. Currently maximum people use social media platforms to connect with businesses and thus having an interactive presence on Facebook with Messenger will help your business as well.


  • Integration will help your business efficiency
    You can create custom workflows, which will help business agents increase efficiency by as little as 30%. Enabling communication helps agents to provide solutions to consumers easily and also makes it easier for consumers to connect with the brand.

For Salesforce Facebook integration, Communicat-O is the best solution.

Communicat-O is a multi-channel messaging tool for your Salesforce CRM that integrates all content (messages, comments, support requests, chat, etc.) across multiple text messaging and social media platforms in one unified platform. Powered by a shared inbox, teams engage with customers, partners, and contractors hassle-free and efficiently. Multiple employees no longer need to manage communication or track different public-facing profiles. This is a big boon for marketers, Salesforce CRM executives, and service executives who need to keep track of multiple profiles, platforms, and chat tools.

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