Top 3 Benefits of Salesforce SMS integration you should Know

SMS integration with Communicat- O
Salesforce is among the most well-known and popular CRMs around the globe. The majority of users use Salesforce. Salesforce is an application used by different industries to manage customer relationships across various areas, including marketing, sales customer service, and finance.

The main purpose of Salesforce and other CRMs is to offer an opportunity for companies to manage their information, connect with partners and customers who are potential or existing, and track the performance of their business.

Thanks to technology such as Salesforce’s customer relations management platform, companies can access accurate information. Along with communications and integrated social media management tools such as Communicat-O, These capabilities can be enhanced even more.

The Communicat-O is a powerful business communication tool integrated for managing social media for Salesforce CRM, utilized by sales and customer service teams across sectors. It assists team members in connecting with customers fast, using the most accurate information available, and then reporting on the outcomes.

The benefits of Salesforce’s SMS integration

Before getting to the Benefits, it is important to know that 90% of clients prefer SMS messages to stay up-to-date with business-related communications. SMS messages are cheap and can help boost business through their higher opening rates and higher conversion rates than email and phone calls. A study from 2020 found that 77% of consumers appreciate that brands send regular SMS messages. SMS texts are also a great medium for transactional messages such as the amount that is debited or credit or orders and delivery notifications to its customers.

So Here are 3 Top Benefits

  • Personalized Communication –
    With Salesforce SMS integration, businesses can begin personalizing communication with potential and existing customers in the most personal way possible – texting.

    With text messaging capabilities available inside Salesforce, sales & marketing teams can create specific lists based on customer attributes/preferences and send them personalized text messages. In contrast to phone calls, emails, as well as web-based chat texts, are the most convenient method to stay in touch with your customers in the present, no matter where they are. More than 97% of texts are read in three mins or less.

    Making the right text messages at the right time can dramatically increase the response rate and increase your chances of getting the lead and closing the deal.

  • Multichannel Communication –
    While phones and emails are less effective, they’re still essential methods of communication. Today there is a need for multichannel communication, where companies have to be accessible through any channel their customers prefer.

    Incorporating text messaging in Salesforce provides a new communications channel that allows companies to reach out to their customers at any time and anywhere, via their preferred channel. Customers can communicate via email, phone or website chat or social media, or text messages; each channel should be present to offer an improved overall experience for customers.

  • Process Efficiency –
    Salesforce SMS integration service improves the efficiency of processes by enabling communication within Salesforce through automation. This is only possible through an integrated native solution.

    The most effective capability with Salesforce is the capability to build custom workflows, now known as Process Builder. It allows you to create specific workflows (or workflows) according to certain requirements.

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