Salesforce Multichannel and Social Media Engagement Tool

Multichannel and Social Media Engagement Tool

Customers use social media platforms to reach brands effortlessly and engage in two-way communication with them. From the brand perspective, social media provides a wider reach and equips brands with the unique opportunity to nurture personalized and authentic brand experiences. With the right social media engagement and multichannel tools for Salesforce CRM, brands can ensure the best customer experiences and drive extraordinary business value.

Social Media Engagement and Multichannel Messaging Tool for Salesforce CRM: Features to Look For

Unified UI for Multiple Social Media and Text Messaging Platforms

The best social media engagement and multichannel tools for Salesforce CRM integrate all content from across multiple profiles, multiple social media channels and text messaging platforms in one unified platform. This means all customer queries, feedback, messages, support requests, chats and other content are collected in one cohesive Communication Centre from where everything can be viewed and read. Businesses do not have to miss even one conversation with customers. It is highly beneficial for marketers and service executives who must track multiple profiles, platforms and chat/ messaging tools.

The unified UI offered by powerful social media messaging tools for Salesforce such as Communicat-O enables customers to engage with brands on any platform/ text messaging app of their choosing. They do not have to install new apps or visit specific websites to engage with the brand. It makes interactions effortless and hassle-free for customers while brands can leverage the platform that each customer would use with their friend to nurture engaging conversations with the customers.

Social Media Chat Tool That Integrates with Salesforce CRM and Other Business-Critical Apps

Without integrations with Salesforce and other business-critical applications, even the best SMS apps for Salesforce are ineffective. These integrations empower businesses to leverage their existing contacts, custom fields, key insights and the power-packed features of different business apps, thereby, accelerating business outcomes.

Social media chat tools that integrate with Salesforce CRM and other business apps break information siloes within the organization and provide full visibility into customer profiles. Combined with Salesforce Social Listening features, businesses can further deepen customer profiles. Equipped with 360-degree conversation history and other powerful insights, teams can effortlessly personalize conversations and engage customers better.

Mobile-Friendly Multichannel Messaging Tool

Choose an integrated social media engagement tool that works seamlessly on mobile. The live chat integration with Salesforce empowers your teams to engage with customers on the go. The shared inbox and the cohesive platform enable them to respond quickly to customers without having to login to different profiles or devices. Businesses can immensely reduce customer wait times and enhance customer engagement levels.

Offers Innovative Automation Features

Leveraging a social media messaging tool for Salesforce must make social media engagement and related business processes efficient. Choose a tool that offers innovative automation features that enhance productivity and weed out manual drudgery and repetitive, low-value tasks. Next-gen tools like Communicat-O offer automated worklists, reminders, contextual reply templates, powerful reports and business insights, etc. that empower your teams to focus on what matters most – crafting superlative customer experiences.


Choose a powerful Social Media Messaging Platform for Salesforce such as Communicat-O and drive business growth. Get started right away!

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