Essential Features in a healthcare telecommunication you should look for

“Digitization of the businesses is the need of the hour.” Digitization has completely transformed how people do business these days, and as a result, this has increased people’s expectations significantly. What they expect now is something that makes their life easier. People who do not reasonably expect even more, and the sector which looks after […]

Ultimate guide to Salesforce integration to increase your leads

increase leads with Salesforce integration services

Salesforce is a cloud-based robust platform that provides customer relationship management (CRM) service. CRM is a technique that an organization uses to administer its interaction with customers. It allows the organization to manage customer relationships through a single tool, helping the business provide a better customer experience and improve business outcomes. It can act as […]

Responding to customers from anywhere-anytime | Empowering customer experience

responding to customers from anywhere

Salesforce CRM along with Communicat-O has helped a lot of organizations to achieve a higher level of efficiency and customer satisfaction rates. Intelligent, connected, fast, and secure digital service gives organizations a chance to improve their customer satisfaction and experience. Higher customer satisfaction leads to increased customer turnout which in turn generates higher revenues for the organizations. Market leaders are the […]

Universities and Communicat-O: 7 reasons how Communicat-O drives 10X engagement.

drive higher engagement with communicat-o

Connecting with students and alumni can make a huge difference for colleges and with text messaging emerging as one of the greatest ways to do so, it is no secret that text messaging is the preferred way of communication for almost everyone. Over 90% of smartphone users prefer text messaging over phone calls and 97% […]