Salesforce ChatterBot: 11 Things You forget To Do

Salesforce Chatterbot for automated messaging

You will lose customers if you keep them waiting or make them feel like they are not having a good time. You will probably also miss out on selling opportunities and the trust of your customers by not keeping your service up to the mark. Bad customer service can put a stop to your business. […]

7 Different Ways Salesforce Messaging Helps in Healthcare Industry in 2022

salesforce messaging in healthcare

During the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, treating any patients on physical premises was impossible. Therefore, it became imperative to inculcate advanced technologies for solving healthcare-related challenges during such terrible times. With the introduction of Salesforce Messaging in the Healthcare industry, efficiency in managing healthcare facilities has increased multifold. Also, it helped to build doctor-patient relationships by […]

The Advanced Guide to Integrate Salesforce Sms API In Your Outreach Campaigns

Integrate Salesforce Sms API

For any industry, customer success and sales are all about forming strong and long term relationships with your customer and other leads. That is immensely and quickly possible with the help of Salesforce integration. Salesforce has gained popularity in this modern era due to its ability to integrate with email and other third-party business applications. […]

How are universities using Communicat-O to keep students in class?

Communicat-O to keep students in class

In today‚Äôs dynamic world everything is changing so constantly and with this dynamism around, people need to catch up with this continuously evolving world. And in the race of catching up, they tend to miss out on some important things that they were supposed to do. Everyone needs someone for assistance so that they can […]

Automating student applications with multichannel messaging

Automating student applications

Education institutions want top students from schools to take admission in their colleges, and this goes the same for the students, as they wish to get admitted only in the best-ranked colleges. There is a vast competition when we speak about recruiting students as every college wishes the same as you do. After the pandemic, […]

Best practices for conversational text messaging in higher education

conversational text messaging in education

Today, if there is one thing that students are attached to most of the time is their mobile phones. Mobile phones have become the arch-enemy of parents and teachers. They are perturbed to see their children always clinging to their phone’s text messaging feature over one app or the other all day. This pattern of […]