Salesforce Multichannel and Social Media Engagement Tool

Multichannel and Social Media Engagement Tool

Customers use social media platforms to reach brands effortlessly and engage in two-way communication with them. From the brand perspective, social media provides a wider reach and equips brands with the unique opportunity to nurture personalized and authentic brand experiences. With the right social media engagement and multichannel tools for Salesforce CRM, brands can ensure […]

Communicat-O: The Text And Social Media Messaging Tool For Salesforce CRM

Messaging Tool Salesforce CRM

Communicat-O is a Salesforce Texting App that connects the user to their mobile customers on messaging apps of their choice – WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc. The tool helps to link the customer’s selected social media apps such as Facebook messenger or even SMS with one UI and thus, helps them stay in touch with them […]

Social Media Engagement Tool For Salesforce CRM

Social Media Engagement Tool for Salesforce

Social media is such a pivotal tool today for marketing success and business outcomes. And rightly so! Every brand’s target audiences are spending more time online, nearly 1/3rd of all time spent online! Businesses, by leveraging the right social media platforms, can reach billions of customers with their brand message and pave the way for […]

Top 5 Strategies to Boost Social Media ROI with Live Chat

salesforce social chat

Live chats on social media enable customers to quickly connect with the brand and get their queries resolved or complaints addressed. With social media chat tools that integrate with Salesforce, it is possible to boost the overall social media ROI. Here are the strategies to boost social media ROI with live chat. Live chat integration […]

How SMS Marketing Can Help In Your Business?

salesforce chat tool

    SMS is an easily accessible, short and direct medium to reach the customers’ inboxes. SMS marketing has one of the best customer engagement rates across the customer lifecycle with the brand. It is a potent tool that must feature in your multi-channel marketing mix. With intelligent bulk SMS marketing and multichannel messaging tools […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Modern Conversation Channels to Grow Your Small Business

MUltichannel chat integration with Salesforce

When new-age customers engage with your business or brand, they expect an open, prompt, transparent and real-time communicational channel.   As a small business, it is understandable that you have limited resources and finances to track social media and deploy a highly sophisticated communication system for your customers. The good news is that you can still […]

6 Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Messaging Strategy

Social media Chat for Salesforce

With the beginning of the year 2021, many brands will be looking to take their social media messaging game a notch higher. The key to getting heard on social media lies in engaging customers with an effective communication strategy. A brand’s social media messaging strategy articulates what the brand strives to be and how it […]

Integrating Salesforce with Social Media Profiles

Salesforce with Social Media

GlobalWebIndex’s Social Media Trends 2021 report reveals that 43% of buyers research products online via social networks and 23% of buyers believe that lots of likes and good comments would increase their chance of purchase. These numbers highlight the need for your business to have deeper and continuous engagement with customers on your social media […]

How to communicate with customers during uncertain times?

Social Media chat integration with Salesforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light, the need for a sound crisis communication plan. By keeping such a plan ready, businesses can quickly reach their customers, staff, and other stakeholders. It can also buy them some time to align themselves to the changes. The key is to create a crisis communication plan that extends […]

How to Launch a Mutichannel Messaging Program from Your Salesforce CRM

Messaging Program for Salesforce

Real-time social media monitoring and communication across all your digital channels is a paramount factor in customer service today. Customers expect timely (rather instant!) responses and resolutions. If your business can’t give them what they want, they are likely to switch to your competitor.   Multichannel messaging program for Salesforce with real-time social media monitoring can easily […]

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